Much better

Well, I started keeping a dream journal. It's really funny. I love my dreams sometimes. Even if they are beyond weird. Maybe this way, I can find out if my recurring dreams are ACTUALLY recurring, or if I just dream that they are lol. Other things I've started doing daily include biking and recording SOMETHING. I'm going to try to bike at least three miles every day. Today I only went three, because I was in the highest gear the entire time (my bike wouldn't change gears...gotta fix that) going uphill...both ways. As far as recording goes, I'm constantly having melody ideas hit me, so I try to get that captured on piano, and then dig it out later for something.

But enough about me. Why don't you for once, tell me about YOUR day?

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert Heinlein 


  1. John! :) recording and biking huh? sounds great :) getting stuff done and accomplished. I seriously gotta get around to doing the same... well i'll ttyl.

    miss ya <3

  2. I LIKE the idea of a dream journal! (Ask the girls about some of the past ones i've had) Just the other day I had a dream about coffee. I was staying at my sister's house and had set up a small pot of coffee for myself for when I woke up in the morning. I heard my sis turn on the pot first thing in the morning and thought i'd just roll over and wait for it to get done before I got out of bed. That's when the dreaming started... (start fog machine enter dream sequence)...someone came and drank my coffee before I could get to it so i made a new pot and went back to bed... then someone drank THAT pot... then i went to make a third pot and was stressing cuz that was the last of the coffee... i was SO stressed that it woke me up! lol! (end dream sequence) I SURE was glad when i beat feet to the kitchen and saw my coffee waiting for me. Been thinking that I *may* have a problem obsessing over coffee tho... or is is just my dreaming that's out of whack??

    Praying for your procedure tmrw!