Confusion abounds.

So...situations keep occurring. But I'd rather they not. It's know how sometimes you want to talk about something but you know that won't help in any way, shape, or form, but instead, it would only make things to worse to bring it up? So instead, you'd rather clean and listen to Bobby Darin? No? Okay, me neither.

In other news, my headache's still hangin around. Yup, the same one I went to bed with three or four days ago. Which means I've spent two thirds of 2010 with a splitting headache. At times, I really wish I wasn't so good with math. It makes me sound like I'm going to die.

So I watched a comedian on Comedy Central last night as he talked about how banks are simply around to screw you out of your money. Well, because of that, I had a dream last night that my bank stole all this money from me. Then I woke up and remembered that that actually happened like two months ago. My advice: Never use banks. Use credit unions, because they're more of a democracy, and you're less likely to lose all your money. Regions basically screwed me out of somewhere close to $50 (i don't remember the exact amount...only that they kept charging me ridiculous fees for being poor. I'm trying to pay for college, do they expect this money to simply STAY in my account? Now mind you, I wasn't OUT of money, I just didn't have as much as they wanted me to have. When your banks sends you a letter reminding you you're poor, that's just not cool, man! I only use them because Regions charges me to use ATMs at the school unless I use my Regions account. I think I'd rather pay those fees than the poor tax....

This is long. Goodbye. Have a day, awesome or otherwise.

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