Drugs taken, Questions addressed

Though not in that order. Without getting too specific, I'd been having quite a few questions lately regarding...well...everything. It's really hard to pick the right people to talk to about them too, because of the subject matter. I have to talk to people who are open-minded, and who i won't throw off-guard (I REALLY don't want to catch anyone unprepared with some of these). So i talked to Iris a few days ago, and dad yesterday. None of the questions have been answered yet, so my current viewpoint on the situation has remained unchanged, but I've got most of my opinions out finally lol. Both of them understood my point quite well...Iris maybe TOO well haha. Well enough there are even plans to open a coffee shop! Eat your heart out, Starbucks!

If you haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet, then stop reading this blog, and go see it. NOW! Great movie. And speaking of movies, lately there's been a buzz about Avatar passing up Star Wars in ticket sales. It's a lie, and it always will be a lie. Avatar simply can't catch up with Star Wars. Inflation, people. If you look at Star Wars IV: A New Hope's total worldwide gross theatrical earnings, and then convert the numbers with respect to inflation to match the value of today's dollar, it earned over $2.8 BILLION. Avatar only managed (take a breath) $1.6 billion. Titanic, which claims highest revenue, only got (considering the value of today's dollar) $2.5 billion worldwide. So before believing these lies, consider my facts first. I did my homework. Star Wars can't be beat. Take that internet!!

(Now for the drugs portion of my blog) I had my wisdom teeth removed today. That was fun. I don't remember a thing between 10:00 and 1:00. Apparently, I was texting people and everything. I couldn't even type at all lol. What gets me is the fact that I couldn't even figure out where the letters on my keyboard were, but I still managed to take a decent picture of myself RIGHT after surgery, and send a picture message to two different people! How did I do that?! I can barely figure out how to send picture messages to multiple people sober!! I texted my dad too..."iv sedtion is nice, last,i memver is footbell, theni nothin" Oh John....*shakes head* I don't know how i did that...once I was able to verbalize anything, I couldn't think of any word bigger than "eat," yet while under anesthesia, i managed words like sedation? I'm so odd...Oh well...time to eat some pudding! woohoo!

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  1. You were pretty understandable.. kinda, you asked me how to log into yahoo on ur phone..

    What you said: iit goed ok. Am i o.nlined?




    then this last phrase I was lost at: Skwwoiujng, bhye