Sleepless in what I wish was Seattle

Can't go to sleep...again. So I just lay awake thinkin about stuff (which usually just gets me in trouble lol)

This is my last post before I head off to prison...err...i mean college (=P) tomorrow. I'm done packing everything that I won't need in the morning. I'll have to leave my computer at home, so dad can fix it. The way my luck has been going, I really don't need to be anywhere near technology right ssshh! Don't tell my sister I'm blogging on her computer. Oh yeah, I didn't tell you...My backup harddrive fried too! Well..not so much "fried" as "became possessed by Satan himself." Everything was working fine. I backed up everything I could find from my broken hard drive onto it, and I still had other backups and everything...but then suddenly I plugged it into another computer to try to get something off of it, and EVERY file on the drive had suddenly become weird alien files like "Y.a" and "a.Y" and ".a" Literally every file on the drive had that name or one similar. There were hundreds (possibly thousands) of these files, and every 50 or so had the exact same alien name. Tried plugging it into other computers, and found the same thing. Don't know what happened.

And then make things even sister wants me to fix her flash drive. Ha! I'm pretty sure the very reason my backup hard drive went demonic was because I touched it. You don't want me trying to FIX your flash drive, sis. sorry lol.

Oh well. I managed to salvage my recordings and put them onto ANOTHER hard drive before i had this problem. Hopefully that one doesn't get eaten by a goat or anything random =/. I'm still pretty bummed though, because my very first song was on that hard drive, in its original form. As in...the poem I wrote before I even had music to it. Well, I guess there's nothing I can do now. I guess I'm going to try to grab some sleep now...apparently I've made the sandman AND his IT department pretty upset lately. Idk what I did, but I need to buy them some gift cards or somethin....

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