A whole new set of issues

Well, after being on drugs and in pain the last few days, I've had a lot of time to just sit and think, rather than talk lol. Found a lot of logical reasoning to answer questions I've been having. And amid all that, the prescribed pain-killers made me say pretty much anything that was on my mind (which is dangerous, considering I am, at my nature, a multitasker with a short attention span). Basically, nearly anything I've been wondering about in my life over the past week has been answered some way or another. But then, as of Wednesday, I was presented with a whole new set of everything! Yay!

It all started when my computer crashed. At first I thought, Oh no big deal. Windows does this all the time! But when i restarted it, I just had a blank screen that read "No internal hard disk found. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I restarted it ten times, and kept getting the same response, the only difference is that by the tenth time, the hard drive started speaking car for "Change my oil or I will die." =/

I took the hard drive out, reseated it, tried to run system repairs/recoveries...nothing was working. Once or twice I at least managed to make it say "Starting Windows" before the computer started mimicking a timebomb and i had to shut it off. Anyway, I eventually decided I wasn't going to boot up anytime soon, and had my dad take it to work to try to salvage some information. He only managed 17Gb out of the 58Gb being used. This drive was destroyed. Gone were all my recordings :(

After quite a bit of nerdy technical stuff, I got my computer to a fairly usable state. Right now, I have to boot of of a live Ubuntu cd, and I have to reorganize everything every time i turn it on, since I have no hard drive, and no where to save any information. But it's ok, because I have a brand new hard drive in the mail. Twice as big and a whole lot faster. Should be here tomorrow! Anyway, the point of this whole paragraph was that, while booting up from a cd under a different operating system, I was actually able to read most of what was on the hard drive, and copy off everything that could be located! I managed to get almost 52Gb, so that's a lot of progress. How much of that is usable data, I don't know...

But what REALLY freaked me out Wednesday, was when my brand new digital piano suddenly wouldn't work. I thought...maybe the outlet went bad. So I kept trying different outlets, to no avail. After about half an hour of searching frantically for a solution, I found out that the power adapter had fried. I found a new one that worked...it's the same one the powers my external hard drive, where I store my piano recordings, ironically.

And that was just Wednesday night...I won't even begin to explain what's been happening in my mind since Thursday morning!

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  1. I don't think Really freaked out fits.. you need a more colorful word how about Hysterical Perturbation Pandemonium! ROFL