Sleepless in what I wish was Seattle

Can't go to sleep...again. So I just lay awake thinkin about stuff (which usually just gets me in trouble lol)

This is my last post before I head off to prison...err...i mean college (=P) tomorrow. I'm done packing everything that I won't need in the morning. I'll have to leave my computer at home, so dad can fix it. The way my luck has been going, I really don't need to be anywhere near technology right ssshh! Don't tell my sister I'm blogging on her computer. Oh yeah, I didn't tell you...My backup harddrive fried too! Well..not so much "fried" as "became possessed by Satan himself." Everything was working fine. I backed up everything I could find from my broken hard drive onto it, and I still had other backups and everything...but then suddenly I plugged it into another computer to try to get something off of it, and EVERY file on the drive had suddenly become weird alien files like "Y.a" and "a.Y" and ".a" Literally every file on the drive had that name or one similar. There were hundreds (possibly thousands) of these files, and every 50 or so had the exact same alien name. Tried plugging it into other computers, and found the same thing. Don't know what happened.

And then make things even sister wants me to fix her flash drive. Ha! I'm pretty sure the very reason my backup hard drive went demonic was because I touched it. You don't want me trying to FIX your flash drive, sis. sorry lol.

Oh well. I managed to salvage my recordings and put them onto ANOTHER hard drive before i had this problem. Hopefully that one doesn't get eaten by a goat or anything random =/. I'm still pretty bummed though, because my very first song was on that hard drive, in its original form. As in...the poem I wrote before I even had music to it. Well, I guess there's nothing I can do now. I guess I'm going to try to grab some sleep now...apparently I've made the sandman AND his IT department pretty upset lately. Idk what I did, but I need to buy them some gift cards or somethin....

A whole new set of issues

Well, after being on drugs and in pain the last few days, I've had a lot of time to just sit and think, rather than talk lol. Found a lot of logical reasoning to answer questions I've been having. And amid all that, the prescribed pain-killers made me say pretty much anything that was on my mind (which is dangerous, considering I am, at my nature, a multitasker with a short attention span). Basically, nearly anything I've been wondering about in my life over the past week has been answered some way or another. But then, as of Wednesday, I was presented with a whole new set of everything! Yay!

It all started when my computer crashed. At first I thought, Oh no big deal. Windows does this all the time! But when i restarted it, I just had a blank screen that read "No internal hard disk found. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I restarted it ten times, and kept getting the same response, the only difference is that by the tenth time, the hard drive started speaking car for "Change my oil or I will die." =/

I took the hard drive out, reseated it, tried to run system repairs/recoveries...nothing was working. Once or twice I at least managed to make it say "Starting Windows" before the computer started mimicking a timebomb and i had to shut it off. Anyway, I eventually decided I wasn't going to boot up anytime soon, and had my dad take it to work to try to salvage some information. He only managed 17Gb out of the 58Gb being used. This drive was destroyed. Gone were all my recordings :(

After quite a bit of nerdy technical stuff, I got my computer to a fairly usable state. Right now, I have to boot of of a live Ubuntu cd, and I have to reorganize everything every time i turn it on, since I have no hard drive, and no where to save any information. But it's ok, because I have a brand new hard drive in the mail. Twice as big and a whole lot faster. Should be here tomorrow! Anyway, the point of this whole paragraph was that, while booting up from a cd under a different operating system, I was actually able to read most of what was on the hard drive, and copy off everything that could be located! I managed to get almost 52Gb, so that's a lot of progress. How much of that is usable data, I don't know...

But what REALLY freaked me out Wednesday, was when my brand new digital piano suddenly wouldn't work. I thought...maybe the outlet went bad. So I kept trying different outlets, to no avail. After about half an hour of searching frantically for a solution, I found out that the power adapter had fried. I found a new one that's the same one the powers my external hard drive, where I store my piano recordings, ironically.

And that was just Wednesday night...I won't even begin to explain what's been happening in my mind since Thursday morning!

Drugs taken, Questions addressed

Though not in that order. Without getting too specific, I'd been having quite a few questions lately regarding...well...everything. It's really hard to pick the right people to talk to about them too, because of the subject matter. I have to talk to people who are open-minded, and who i won't throw off-guard (I REALLY don't want to catch anyone unprepared with some of these). So i talked to Iris a few days ago, and dad yesterday. None of the questions have been answered yet, so my current viewpoint on the situation has remained unchanged, but I've got most of my opinions out finally lol. Both of them understood my point quite well...Iris maybe TOO well haha. Well enough there are even plans to open a coffee shop! Eat your heart out, Starbucks!

If you haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet, then stop reading this blog, and go see it. NOW! Great movie. And speaking of movies, lately there's been a buzz about Avatar passing up Star Wars in ticket sales. It's a lie, and it always will be a lie. Avatar simply can't catch up with Star Wars. Inflation, people. If you look at Star Wars IV: A New Hope's total worldwide gross theatrical earnings, and then convert the numbers with respect to inflation to match the value of today's dollar, it earned over $2.8 BILLION. Avatar only managed (take a breath) $1.6 billion. Titanic, which claims highest revenue, only got (considering the value of today's dollar) $2.5 billion worldwide. So before believing these lies, consider my facts first. I did my homework. Star Wars can't be beat. Take that internet!!

(Now for the drugs portion of my blog) I had my wisdom teeth removed today. That was fun. I don't remember a thing between 10:00 and 1:00. Apparently, I was texting people and everything. I couldn't even type at all lol. What gets me is the fact that I couldn't even figure out where the letters on my keyboard were, but I still managed to take a decent picture of myself RIGHT after surgery, and send a picture message to two different people! How did I do that?! I can barely figure out how to send picture messages to multiple people sober!! I texted my dad too..."iv sedtion is nice, last,i memver is footbell, theni nothin" Oh John....*shakes head* I don't know how i did that...once I was able to verbalize anything, I couldn't think of any word bigger than "eat," yet while under anesthesia, i managed words like sedation? I'm so odd...Oh well...time to eat some pudding! woohoo!

Much better

Well, I started keeping a dream journal. It's really funny. I love my dreams sometimes. Even if they are beyond weird. Maybe this way, I can find out if my recurring dreams are ACTUALLY recurring, or if I just dream that they are lol. Other things I've started doing daily include biking and recording SOMETHING. I'm going to try to bike at least three miles every day. Today I only went three, because I was in the highest gear the entire time (my bike wouldn't change gears...gotta fix that) going uphill...both ways. As far as recording goes, I'm constantly having melody ideas hit me, so I try to get that captured on piano, and then dig it out later for something.

But enough about me. Why don't you for once, tell me about YOUR day?

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert Heinlein 

Doomsday announced

So Monday morning, I plan to be drugged up like no tomorrow, after getting all four wisdom teeth removed (oh boy!) Somebody needs to come and record it! Hit me up, and I'll let you know where to be! I really need to watch myself on drugs later =D

Tonight was the first night of revivial at our church. It was a great service, basically about keeping the church alive. He touched for a little while on having a greater concern for others, because many times the only thing people need to convince them to come back to Christ is simply having someone love them and encourage them. A visitor got saved, too! We'll be having services all week, right into Sunday. They're at 7:00 each night at Faith Independent Baptist Church in Niceville. I'd encourage you to come if you can.

Also, youtube is funny. I watched a video, and happened to look down and notice it only had 301 views. However, it had 8,149 comments. How does that work? I took a screenshot XD.

Had a conversation with my dad today. We discussed the existence of other dimensions. I came to several conclusions. One of them is that Heaven and God exist in more dimensions than we can imagine. Think about it, if you had the power to do ANYTHING you wanted...would you REALLY limit yourself to three dimensions? Heck no. God existing outside of our dimensions explains a lot of things. I also decided that we subconsciously have access to a fourth dimension (time), which explains psychic experiences and dreams. Yes, I've been having quite a nerdy/philosophical day. I could get into it a lot deeper, but you don't want to read that, I'm sure. Instead, I'll just leave it with "Later!" (Or earlier, if your dimension so allows)

Feeling Productive!

So i cleaned up my room/studio today! I have an actual workstation deal set up now! Check it out!

So it's not much. get over it. See that Yamaha digital keyboard there? Early birthday present!! Here's a closeup!

88 fully-weighted keys, MIDI In/Out, sheer beauty on a stand...I love it! You know, posting all these pictures has made me think...Many of you have never seen me with facial hair! I don't have a lot, but it's as long as I want it....don't wanna be walkin the streets of The Burg lookin like a hobo!

Come on, you can't look at this and not think to yourself, "wow, he's hot." While I may or may not be kidding (that's for you to decide, since you wouldn't believe me if i said I was anyway), I have ONE more thing to show you! Last night, I was playing around on the guitar with my microphones, and decided to record some video too. Took me about an hour just to set something up. There was no more digital tape for the camcorder, and the memory card was too small. So I tried hooking it up to my computer, but that didn't work, because Sony didn't have any Windows 7 drivers. Then I tried using a regular digital camera...but all the ones we have refused to record video for some odd reason. So I resided to using my cell phone, hence the horrible video quality to follow. The audio was recorded using my awesome new microphones though!

This has been covered songs with Johnbobz. Come back next time to hear...oh, sorry. Started thinkin in Veggietales for a second. Anyway, as you saw in the video, that was me covering A Beautiful Mess. Messed up a couple places, but oh well. it was 2AM, so I really didn't care lol.

Revival next week...

...For nights that my face ISN'T planning on being twice it's natural size. But if any of you are going to have chipmunk faces, maybe we could meet up at church and you could give me company!

It's really cold outside right now. Last I heard, Cameron said there was a chance of snow flurries, but it wasn't very likely. I hope it does, cuz I miss snow so much. Granted, I won't be building any buff snowmen like we did in Colorado in the middle of an evil snowball fight (Man, now i miss that entire state!)

My muscles look better, but I'm jealous of his mohawk...

Sooo...last night I set up a friendface account! If you haven't watched the IT Crowd, you won't get it. But long story short, Moss is now my friend on facebook! Now I'm just waiting on Roy to approve me XD.

Did anyone else see the list of movies coming out this summer?! Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3, The Last Airbender, just to name a few. I can't wait! Needless to say, I'm moving this summer. My new address will be the Rave in Destin (I'll keep you posted about which theater.) I'll be throwing a house warming party right after I get out of school. RSVP!

Stop reading now and go outside!

Little kids at Target are funny!

And hobos can be too!

So after I got done at the dentist, I went to Target to check out some mp3 players. While I was there, these cute little kids came up to me. There was a little 5-year old bald black boy, and his 4-year old sister. I couldn't pronounce their names right (partly because I had no feeling in my face), and I'm not about to try to spell them.

Anyway, the boy walks up..."Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me"

I turn around, make an attempt to smile (but I don't think it worked...stupid anesthesia). "Yes?"

Boy: "Do you work here? My mommy needs something."

Me: "Sorry, I don't work here."

Boy: "Are you sure? Cuz I think she wants a camera."

You don't need to know the rest of the conversation, because it involved me asking his name, and failing miserably at repeating it lol. Cool kid.

Then five minutes later, this other kid, who I'm going to guess was about 9, walks up, points to a display model of a portable DVD player, and says "Hey mister, why doesn't this DVD player work? You tryin' to rip us off?!"

I don't know why I looked like I worked there...I was wearing green. But apparently I could pull of Target employee pretty well.

On the way out, a hobo was glaring at me. I tried to glare back, but I still couldn't change my expression. (My face is still stuck on "smile stupidly") But it scared him! He glared at me for a few seconds, then got this particularly frightened look on his face, and walked the other way! I like going to Target after being drugged!

Until next time, viva la cows!

Good news that you probably don't care about!

I finally got my amazing speakers working with my computer, so they'll play EVERYTHING, and not just stuff coming out of my recording software! I love my speakers. Plus I got a nice mic stand. It's like 50 years old, but it's my favorite lol.

In other news, I've gotten hooked on The Big Bang Theory. Not the implausible scientific assumption, but the hilarious sitcom on CBS. The humor is even nerdier than that of the IT Crowd! Awesome show! It doesn't have the same British humor i love so much, but it's still great. AND it's filmed in front of a live studio audience! So the writers aren't telling you when to laugh and for how long.

In other other news, it turns out I have an appointment with an oral surgeon in Fort Walton (I just can't get away from that place anymore!) this Monday, to see about having my wisdom teeth taken out. Oh joy! I'm sure someone will appreciate me on drugs, though. I live to please. Who knows, maybe there'll be yet another followup Youtube video to David after Dentist ( But hey, I'll look on the bright side! Soon, my mouth will be so much roomier! Then more food can fit in my mouth, so I'll be able to eat more. That means I can finally get fat! Woohoo!

Don't judge my logic!

Well, I think I'm gonna go teach my dog to make me a sandwich! Bye!

Confusion abounds.

So...situations keep occurring. But I'd rather they not. It's know how sometimes you want to talk about something but you know that won't help in any way, shape, or form, but instead, it would only make things to worse to bring it up? So instead, you'd rather clean and listen to Bobby Darin? No? Okay, me neither.

In other news, my headache's still hangin around. Yup, the same one I went to bed with three or four days ago. Which means I've spent two thirds of 2010 with a splitting headache. At times, I really wish I wasn't so good with math. It makes me sound like I'm going to die.

So I watched a comedian on Comedy Central last night as he talked about how banks are simply around to screw you out of your money. Well, because of that, I had a dream last night that my bank stole all this money from me. Then I woke up and remembered that that actually happened like two months ago. My advice: Never use banks. Use credit unions, because they're more of a democracy, and you're less likely to lose all your money. Regions basically screwed me out of somewhere close to $50 (i don't remember the exact amount...only that they kept charging me ridiculous fees for being poor. I'm trying to pay for college, do they expect this money to simply STAY in my account? Now mind you, I wasn't OUT of money, I just didn't have as much as they wanted me to have. When your banks sends you a letter reminding you you're poor, that's just not cool, man! I only use them because Regions charges me to use ATMs at the school unless I use my Regions account. I think I'd rather pay those fees than the poor tax....

This is long. Goodbye. Have a day, awesome or otherwise.


I have this headache, you see...It feels like there's a velociraptor eating my head from the inside out. I'd be asleep right now, if it weren't the fact that I've already slept probably more than the human body should be allowed to....

Anyway, don't you hate when you think of something really funny in the middle of the night...but nobody's awake for you to tell it to? Then by the time you wake up in the morning, you don't remember it! I could have started a comedy career last night! Too bad nobody was awake...oh well.

To be honest, I have no idea why I'm updating this blog. I have nothing to say today. Happy Sunday!

What a week...

I'll just leave it at that, and move on.

So recording has been going well, thanks for asking. I'm still having a few issues with things, but once I get a good MIDI keyboard, I should be okay. My room is still a mess, because I can't seem to fit this recording stuff anywhere at all when I'm not using it....

So today we got a big group of people to play Country Rockband....
So anyway, the game pretty much includes the most country of all country songs (the newer ones, that is). And Corey has an even worse accent than most of the artists in the game! Boy was that a joy to listen to! I just played bass and tuned out the song. Country bass players have it made! I was pretty much only hitting two notes the entire game....on expert. I texted while playing bass, on expert, and still pulled off 94% accuracy. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep during one song....
But it's all good! Since I got my sisters to bribe me to come by promising chocolate! Almost got in a wreck on the way there...Bex doesn't know how to use her horn....But we lived. And, every 5 minutes, she kept reassuring me I will live. I'm not sure what she thought was wrong with me, but apparently it must not be deadly.

I would also like the world to know I was practicing my ninja skills last night! The fact that I and the rest of my group remained unnoticed proves that we were successful ninjas! But unfortunately, I had to come home after that.

Well, although I probably have enough to write about to fill a long magazine article (Let's face it...I don't have the attention span to write a book), I'm just going to stop now, because I don't want to get into everything that's gone through my head the past few days.

If you've actually kept reading this far, have a happy new year, and may it be better than the last (then again, that shouldn't be too hard!)