Feeling Productive!

So i cleaned up my room/studio today! I have an actual workstation deal set up now! Check it out!

So it's not much. get over it. See that Yamaha digital keyboard there? Early birthday present!! Here's a closeup!

88 fully-weighted keys, MIDI In/Out, sheer beauty on a stand...I love it! You know, posting all these pictures has made me think...Many of you have never seen me with facial hair! I don't have a lot, but it's as long as I want it....don't wanna be walkin the streets of The Burg lookin like a hobo!

Come on, you can't look at this and not think to yourself, "wow, he's hot." While I may or may not be kidding (that's for you to decide, since you wouldn't believe me if i said I was anyway), I have ONE more thing to show you! Last night, I was playing around on the guitar with my microphones, and decided to record some video too. Took me about an hour just to set something up. There was no more digital tape for the camcorder, and the memory card was too small. So I tried hooking it up to my computer, but that didn't work, because Sony didn't have any Windows 7 drivers. Then I tried using a regular digital camera...but all the ones we have refused to record video for some odd reason. So I resided to using my cell phone, hence the horrible video quality to follow. The audio was recorded using my awesome new microphones though!

This has been covered songs with Johnbobz. Come back next time to hear...oh, sorry. Started thinkin in Veggietales for a second. Anyway, as you saw in the video, that was me covering A Beautiful Mess. Messed up a couple places, but oh well. it was 2AM, so I really didn't care lol.


  1. Nice job with the room!
    Keyboard looks like tons of fun to mess with. I miss ours.

    Lol, indeed you can't help thinking that. ;)

    I like the cover, well done. *cheers for more*

    ... more Silly Songs with Larry.

  2. like i told you! you are the hottest leprechaun that i know!! LOL!!!