Home for the weekend!

I decided I'd take a break from my brain-numbing classes that you don't want to hear about almost as much as i don't want to tell you about them. But other stuff has happened. Such as...I wrote a new song. It's kinda awesome, although i just might be a little biased =P.

Also, turns out I'm going to be accompanying my friend in his voice class for performances. This was decided last night, when he called em and asked if I could play a song for his performance this morning. I knew the song, so it wasn't too big a deal, but from here on out, I'll have to actually learn some of the songs. That won't be quite as easy, because I'm not the best in the world when it comes to sight-reading piano sheet music =/. Oh well, it should be fun!

Let it be known that i have awesome friends, who magically know exactly when i need a break lol. Granted, I'm not positive McGuire's a place I'm allowed to take a break at while attending the Camp...but who cares? I'm probably not allowed to become a newlywed either, but that didn't stop the Irish officials from declaring me as such.

It snowed here today...for the first time in 17 years! there was VERY little...didn't even have enough to accumulate anywhere. but there was snow nonetheless. It melted by the time it hit the ground. But i still am happy that we had snow in Florida, however meager it may be. All the northerners at school were making fun of us for being excited, but what do they know? Snow's normal for them. This is Florida, people! This doesn't happen! Lol. On that note...it's cold as crap outside!

Oh! I am assistant prayer leader this semester! Not that that means anything to most people reading this. But...my very first prayer group meeting that i led ever was Monday night...and I got in trouble for having Ben play piano for us. We were singing Lord I Lift Your name On High, and Ben's piano playing was great, so it was kinda awesome. Everybody was excited about prayer group and everything. But apparently we're not allowed to be excited about praising God..."PCC: Praising Christ Counter-intuitively."

Started watching the cartoon series Avatar. I'd only seen a few episodes...now I'm watching the whole thing so i actually know what the plot is lol. It's pretty awesome. I like picking out at least one phrase in every episode that stands out as hilarious. Especially when you use it out of context. Examples: "Come back! I want to eat you!" and "Where we're going, you won't need pants!" I also started watching the series Supernatural. That's weeeeeird. But still interesting. But weeeeird.

Well that's all for now. Until we meet again! Have a happy Abraham Lincoln's birthday!!!