As promised

So I promised a real update on Friday. No, I didn't promise you, I promised someone else! For cryin out loud, it's not all about YOU ok? Well actually, it might have been you I promised. I don't know, since I can't watch who reads this....So as I promised someone who may/may not have been you, I am updating my blog. Enjoy. Disclaimer: The following material may not represent the views of the We-Hate-John-Andrews Society (TM 1746i A.D.). Any resemblance in this material to any persons, living or dead, is a hallucination, since I do not intend to write about anyone living or dead. Possibly undead, we'll see. John does not see this disclaimer because it is in fine print. Inform him of it at your own risk. If you experience nausea, heartburn, freckles, or death, it may already be too late. It wasn't our fault, so go call a doctor. Please don't consult blogs for medical advice.

Ok, so....Guess what! Nope! You're wrong! My topic has nothing to do with koalas! I have a new song I'm working on, but the weirdest part is that I can't figure out what it sounds like in part of it. I know it sounds strange that I would have no idea how part of my song, which I wrote, goes, but it's true! I hear this music playing faintly in my head, and I wish I could find the volume knob to make it louder so I could actually figure out what it sounds like. Twisting my ear only hurts, and twisting my arm only reminds me of countless introductions to the latest "Indian Rug Burn" techniques from first grade. Oddly enough, they were all the same. Good thing I was a real he-man, like every other six year old boy, so it didn't hurt.

Well, so far, there are no jobs. I can't find anyone who will hire someone for just the summer. If I do, there are at least 50 other zombies (why did I say zombies? I meant persons, not living or dead) have already applied, and I get thrown in there, and they still hire those who won't be leaving in September. Everywhere else requires a CDL  or a college degree...which I have to wait another two years for. That or it's a CNA job. I see lots of CNA and similar jobs.  I wish they would stop showing up.

So I attempted to teach a certain person, not living or dead (I have no idea why I keep typing that, but it's against my religion to use a backspace key when typing a blog), who is directly related to me and seven years my junior, how to play guitar. This did not work very well, because this individual claims my guitars are too large for her. Luckily, we had two 3/4 guitars. Unluckily, one had an insane action somewhere around an inch and a half off the fretboard, which made it impossible to play. I could take a reinforcing piece of the nut and improve that, but that didn't help, because the strings just vibrated horribly inside the main nut (which was designed solely for right-handing use), causing an insanely irritating buzzing noise. The second guitar said "First Hawaiian Conservatory of Music" on the head. I believe it. This was probably their very first guitar. And they were probably the First Sandwich Islands Conservatory of Music back then. It probably carries the US patent number 2. I'm serious. I tried to restring the thing, and the pegs disintegrated when I touched them. Scout's honor (does that work for me?). So anyway, four guitars (three and a half) in the house, and none that I can teach this midget how to play. Something about tiny hands and being left-handed. Oh well. Maybe some other day.

I think either Facebook should make their likes send a like to the link of the original source of any content that was posted. Because it's weird when content gets all this attention from an external source, but nothing on the original website from whence it came, to bump up traffic to it on that website itself. It's kinda like if Walmart brand potatoes get super popular at Kmart. Why that would happen, I don't know. But it's weird. i don't even know if that makes sense, but, you know, my religion and backspacing.

Oh well. Tha-th-th-th-that's all folks. ....Yeah..... yup. Gonna click "Publish Post" anytime now.

Woot Squared

That was a joke among us nerds in high school. because you see, (woot)(woot) = woot^2 ...ahh nevermind. You want me to just get to the good stuff. Well, so far it looks like I'm going to be eating a lot of giraffes, because I promised people that if they didn't watch my newest video, I would have to eat a giraffes. Well, 464 people could potentially read that promise, and my view count is only 38. So I now must eat 426 giraffes. I love animal crackers, but that's a lot.... Hey, maybe you could help me, internet. You can watch it for me! It's a song I wrote called All Things Through Christ. I promise you'll enjoy it. And I make good on my promises. I already ate about 6 giraffes (this takes time, ok? giraffes are big). Anyway, yeah, you should watch it. Here it is. But, if you click the video and go to Youtube to watch it, you can see it in high def (1080p), AND you can click that fancy little like button, and save some elephants as well. So yeah. Listen to this song. I dare you.

Did you like it? I hope you did! I really like that song. It was fun to write, and I get a lot from the message of it. Philippians 4:13 has been my life verse for quite some time. Not to be confused with my favorite verse, which is Leviticus 13:41, which in the KJV says "And he that hath his hair fallen off from the part of his head toward his face, he is forehead bald: yet is he clean." Well, that's all for now.

But Wait! Before I go. I just want you to know that if it weren't for you, my music career would be nonexistent. I write songs to deliver these messages to you, after all. So thank you for all your support, internet. Now go tell the world how much each and every one of you means to me!

Unless you're determined never going listen to anything I write. In which case, get off my blog.

Bye everyone else! Look for another song in two weeks!  =D

Up and running

So it's kinda been four evers (how long an ever is...I'm not sure) since I put anything up. I was busy moving into my new room, and building my new computer. Yes, that's right. Now I actually CAN make videos. My laptop was on its last leg. So this desktop will do me while I'm home. I'll have to decide what to do for a computer at school though. But yeah, now I can do everything i want with audio and video. Hopefully in a week or two, I'll have another video up. This time of a song I wrote. You can see what I did this time though. This blog will be short. Just wanted to tell everyone That I sound amazing. Just kidding ;)

Enjoy. If you click the little "youtube" logo in the bottom right, you can watch it bigger on Youtube. Watch it a million times. Or just once. I don't care, as long as you watch it. I just got a new computer, so this is my most expensive video. Watching it is the least you can do =P