Hello Hello! New Video!

I like titles that make me feel good at rhyming. As implied by the title, I have uploaded a video of my newest song, called Redeemed: http://t.co/Rk4cRe0zdG

I enjoyed writing this song. It just has some nice chords.

What have I been doing in the mean time? Well, the last semester of school was absolutely insane! I got NO sleep. (Ok, I did get SOME, but I would often go two or three days between getting any). But I made it, and graduated with my BSEE! Now the hard part is finding a job in this economy. I've been applying to everything that pops up, but the problem is that so has everyone else. God has something out there for me; I just have to wait and see what it is. But that's all I had to say. I will bid you adieu (wow, I spelled that right on the first try).

Thanks for watching that video!

You did watch it, right? RIGHT? You're not dreaming that you watched it? You'd better watch it again just in case.

I'm still alive, I promise!

I'm taking a break from the Bubble right now to spend my first Thanksgiving at home in 5 years or so. Projects are killer during senior year. I mean really, it's insane. So far this semester, I've designed oscillators, power supplies, radios, several logic controllers to control lights and things (one of which I should be writing a report in right now) and a few other small devices. I still have to design a system of power lines, one more digital logic controller (this one is supposed to control the operation of a bell tower...but I don't like the bell tower, so it'd rather just make it turn off) and a voltmeter.

The big kicker though is this senior design project. It's...wait for it...an automated weather station. It's designed for pilots, so it'll measure things such as pressure, wind, visibility, temperature, and humidity at their destination, so they know what they're flying into. The biggest challenge is the budget. We're basically supposed to take a device whose cost typically reaches 5 digits, easily, and design, build, and implement it for under $200. Obviously, it won't have quite the quality you'd expect from a $20000 full-scaled AWOS, but it's supposed to have most of the basic functionality, with the biggest difference being how the pilot interacts with it. We've gotta come up with some crazy little tricks to get the acceptable accuracy with these devices on the cheap. I'm in charge of the visibility sensor. I've studies these things so intensely the past few weeks that I could write a book about them. But when you get down to it, there's so much going on with them that I still don't know exactly how I'm going to go about designing it all. One thing's for sure. If I can get this thing to work like it's supposed to, I'll have some pretty cool stuff to show future employers.

In other news, this semester is wrapping up pretty fast now. It's exciting. December 14 will be here soon, and in many cases, not soon enough. I just THOUGHT last semester was busy. If I could go back and do last semester again, I'd find it quite relaxing in comparison lol.

Well I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. I'll be watching some more football and getting some last bits of Internet before getting back to the grindstone in a few hours. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me and my sister.


I actually don't know anything about element 116 other than that's its chemical symbol.

I use Google Chrome. I like Google Chrome. However, Good Chrome wouldn't let me post any blogs. It wouldn't even let me type the blog. All it would let me do was a title...and I doubt you want to just read a title. That's a waste of your time, like knocking on your door during dinner just to give you a blade of grass that I found on your sidewalk. You'd probably e-slap me and slam the browser window in my face. So I had to use Internet Explorer.

Now that I've bored you half to death, I'll talk about more random stuff. I intend to at least hand you an entire tree that I found on your sidewalk. You know, something you might want to build a fort in. Hopefully your other half doesn't get as bored.

So I was going through my C++ book, trying to make it past the section Miss Yum ended at (which was surprisingly not far) so I could learn how to program something that was actually useful. Somehow, two hours later, I end up here, posting this blog. And I don't remember how I got here. Those ADD gnomes must have hit me in the head with that tree I was planning on giving you. Sorry to interrupt your dinner for that.

All day, I've been trying to pull a new song out of the Magic Cloud of Undiscovered Songs Waiting to be Written. I frequent this cloud, looking for things. The contents of this cloud are very difficult to spot, however, and when I do spot them, I've got to grab them quickly before they fly away. I have one by the tail right now, but it's slippery, and kind of heavy. How it manages to stay afloat in a cloud must be part of the "Magic" of the cloud. At any rate, I've been pulling and pulling, and it might take a while before I have the whole thing crammed into my cheap cooler I bought at the Dollar Tree. Maybe I should have sprung for a big net to catch these songs with instead of a cooler to put them in. Songs don't need coolers anyway. What was I even thinking? That's the last time I listen to a sales clerk operating entirely on commission-based pay.

We had VBS this past week; it had a western theme. It was pretty awesome. I cowrote a skit with the Michael. In the skit, he was a crazy gold digger named Bart, and I was a more rational gold digger named Wayne. The condensed version is as follows:

Wayne: You sold our horses for popcorn!
Bart: I'm going to shoot you!
Wayne: You hit my foot! You're a horrible shot!
Bart: Is that Bible there true?
Wayne: Of course it is. I got saved!
Bart: I got saved too! I'm getting rid of my gun.
Wayne: You shot my other foot!
Bart: I found gold!

The end.

The long version is, well...long. But it makes much more sense. The kids wanted us to do the skit again. Too bad I couldn't do that because somewhere in the middle of the skit, some of the kids stole my hat and my gun. They'd been trying to steal them all week, and finally succeeded DURING my final skit. I really hope that when I get married, my wife doesn't have triplets or anything. If I have to put up with three 4-yr-olds at the same time, I might go totally nuts. Someone could use those kids for a source of free perpetual energy.

Aaahhhh Blogger changed!

Ok, so I went to Blogger and found it all different. I don't know how long it's been different. But now I gotta get used to thing all over again. It probably looks no different on your end. Just on the posting side. Actually, it looks like everything is pretty much laid out the same. It just looks different. It's all minimalistic now. I guess I can go for that. Penguins look kinda minimalistic, and i like penguins, so I guess if Blogger takes after them (only in orange and white instead), I guess I approve. But the penguins better not imitate blogger, because I don't want orange penguins running around the internet!

Ok, so in case you haven't seen it, I uploaded a new song, called Sixteen Candles. There's a description in the video's info box that I wouldn't duplicate here. You don't have to read it; I think you can figure out what it's about well enough. Anyway, aquĆ­ es el enlace: Sixteen Candles.

If you don't feel like being taken to Youtube, then you can watch it right here. I forgot I could do it this way. but I won't erase the link because of my aforementioned convictions about backspacing on blogs.

I'm almost done with my Revelation class. This will be the last Bible class I'm required to take. That's a good thing, since I won't be able to fit in my core classes if I have to take a Bible class next semester as well. But my spring semesters will be light from here on out, so if I want to take another for benefit, I might be able to.

Did I tell you I'm going to be a floorleader at school this coming year? I probably did. But if I didn't, I am. It's kinda crazy, but I'm going to be an awesome floorleader, I guess. I had about 20 guys ask to be in my room. But I can't fit 20 guys in my room, so I said no.

Well that's about all I have to tell you for the moment. If you check back in about a year, I will have several more posts up that will be very old by then. So you should probably check back before then.

Don't hate me.

Ok, so I KNOW I said there would be a new video a while ago...and i honestly tried, but I've been fighting off something, and I've mostly been succeeding, but my voice has suffered, and I just can't get it to sound any good.
So with that being said, Happy Independence Day! I honestly tried my best to get a video up today, but it just wasn't going to happen.

Not much is going up here today. I can just tell you a couple things, like that I have been dog-sitting for some friends. They have a Great Dane and a Doberman. Not your little lap dogs, for sure. The Doberman is pretty young, so he's, of course, way too excited for his size. I'm also watching their other pets, one of which includes this parrot that is just....well, if i don't look it in the eye while I pet the dogs, the thing will let out a screech that no doubt stretches across the expanse of the universe and deafens half the host of Heaven. At first, I thought it was a "Get out of my house" screech...but then it just got louder when I started towards the door. You can imagine my aversion to heading TOWARD such a horrid sound, so it took a little while to discover he actually wanted me to go over towards his cage and watch him strut around. And of course, this happens every time I go over there, so he apparently forgets he already showed himself off to me.

Well, I want a coke. I know it's not healthy, but leave me alone. it's a holiday. I can do what I want. Coke is American, thank you! Good day, sir. I said good day!