I actually don't know anything about element 116 other than that's its chemical symbol.

I use Google Chrome. I like Google Chrome. However, Good Chrome wouldn't let me post any blogs. It wouldn't even let me type the blog. All it would let me do was a title...and I doubt you want to just read a title. That's a waste of your time, like knocking on your door during dinner just to give you a blade of grass that I found on your sidewalk. You'd probably e-slap me and slam the browser window in my face. So I had to use Internet Explorer.

Now that I've bored you half to death, I'll talk about more random stuff. I intend to at least hand you an entire tree that I found on your sidewalk. You know, something you might want to build a fort in. Hopefully your other half doesn't get as bored.

So I was going through my C++ book, trying to make it past the section Miss Yum ended at (which was surprisingly not far) so I could learn how to program something that was actually useful. Somehow, two hours later, I end up here, posting this blog. And I don't remember how I got here. Those ADD gnomes must have hit me in the head with that tree I was planning on giving you. Sorry to interrupt your dinner for that.

All day, I've been trying to pull a new song out of the Magic Cloud of Undiscovered Songs Waiting to be Written. I frequent this cloud, looking for things. The contents of this cloud are very difficult to spot, however, and when I do spot them, I've got to grab them quickly before they fly away. I have one by the tail right now, but it's slippery, and kind of heavy. How it manages to stay afloat in a cloud must be part of the "Magic" of the cloud. At any rate, I've been pulling and pulling, and it might take a while before I have the whole thing crammed into my cheap cooler I bought at the Dollar Tree. Maybe I should have sprung for a big net to catch these songs with instead of a cooler to put them in. Songs don't need coolers anyway. What was I even thinking? That's the last time I listen to a sales clerk operating entirely on commission-based pay.

We had VBS this past week; it had a western theme. It was pretty awesome. I cowrote a skit with the Michael. In the skit, he was a crazy gold digger named Bart, and I was a more rational gold digger named Wayne. The condensed version is as follows:

Wayne: You sold our horses for popcorn!
Bart: I'm going to shoot you!
Wayne: You hit my foot! You're a horrible shot!
Bart: Is that Bible there true?
Wayne: Of course it is. I got saved!
Bart: I got saved too! I'm getting rid of my gun.
Wayne: You shot my other foot!
Bart: I found gold!

The end.

The long version is, well...long. But it makes much more sense. The kids wanted us to do the skit again. Too bad I couldn't do that because somewhere in the middle of the skit, some of the kids stole my hat and my gun. They'd been trying to steal them all week, and finally succeeded DURING my final skit. I really hope that when I get married, my wife doesn't have triplets or anything. If I have to put up with three 4-yr-olds at the same time, I might go totally nuts. Someone could use those kids for a source of free perpetual energy.

Aaahhhh Blogger changed!

Ok, so I went to Blogger and found it all different. I don't know how long it's been different. But now I gotta get used to thing all over again. It probably looks no different on your end. Just on the posting side. Actually, it looks like everything is pretty much laid out the same. It just looks different. It's all minimalistic now. I guess I can go for that. Penguins look kinda minimalistic, and i like penguins, so I guess if Blogger takes after them (only in orange and white instead), I guess I approve. But the penguins better not imitate blogger, because I don't want orange penguins running around the internet!

Ok, so in case you haven't seen it, I uploaded a new song, called Sixteen Candles. There's a description in the video's info box that I wouldn't duplicate here. You don't have to read it; I think you can figure out what it's about well enough. Anyway, aquĆ­ es el enlace: Sixteen Candles.

If you don't feel like being taken to Youtube, then you can watch it right here. I forgot I could do it this way. but I won't erase the link because of my aforementioned convictions about backspacing on blogs.

I'm almost done with my Revelation class. This will be the last Bible class I'm required to take. That's a good thing, since I won't be able to fit in my core classes if I have to take a Bible class next semester as well. But my spring semesters will be light from here on out, so if I want to take another for benefit, I might be able to.

Did I tell you I'm going to be a floorleader at school this coming year? I probably did. But if I didn't, I am. It's kinda crazy, but I'm going to be an awesome floorleader, I guess. I had about 20 guys ask to be in my room. But I can't fit 20 guys in my room, so I said no.

Well that's about all I have to tell you for the moment. If you check back in about a year, I will have several more posts up that will be very old by then. So you should probably check back before then.

Don't hate me.

Ok, so I KNOW I said there would be a new video a while ago...and i honestly tried, but I've been fighting off something, and I've mostly been succeeding, but my voice has suffered, and I just can't get it to sound any good.
So with that being said, Happy Independence Day! I honestly tried my best to get a video up today, but it just wasn't going to happen.

Not much is going up here today. I can just tell you a couple things, like that I have been dog-sitting for some friends. They have a Great Dane and a Doberman. Not your little lap dogs, for sure. The Doberman is pretty young, so he's, of course, way too excited for his size. I'm also watching their other pets, one of which includes this parrot that is just....well, if i don't look it in the eye while I pet the dogs, the thing will let out a screech that no doubt stretches across the expanse of the universe and deafens half the host of Heaven. At first, I thought it was a "Get out of my house" screech...but then it just got louder when I started towards the door. You can imagine my aversion to heading TOWARD such a horrid sound, so it took a little while to discover he actually wanted me to go over towards his cage and watch him strut around. And of course, this happens every time I go over there, so he apparently forgets he already showed himself off to me.

Well, I want a coke. I know it's not healthy, but leave me alone. it's a holiday. I can do what I want. Coke is American, thank you! Good day, sir. I said good day!

As promised

So I promised a real update on Friday. No, I didn't promise you, I promised someone else! For cryin out loud, it's not all about YOU ok? Well actually, it might have been you I promised. I don't know, since I can't watch who reads this....So as I promised someone who may/may not have been you, I am updating my blog. Enjoy. Disclaimer: The following material may not represent the views of the We-Hate-John-Andrews Society (TM 1746i A.D.). Any resemblance in this material to any persons, living or dead, is a hallucination, since I do not intend to write about anyone living or dead. Possibly undead, we'll see. John does not see this disclaimer because it is in fine print. Inform him of it at your own risk. If you experience nausea, heartburn, freckles, or death, it may already be too late. It wasn't our fault, so go call a doctor. Please don't consult blogs for medical advice.

Ok, so....Guess what! Nope! You're wrong! My topic has nothing to do with koalas! I have a new song I'm working on, but the weirdest part is that I can't figure out what it sounds like in part of it. I know it sounds strange that I would have no idea how part of my song, which I wrote, goes, but it's true! I hear this music playing faintly in my head, and I wish I could find the volume knob to make it louder so I could actually figure out what it sounds like. Twisting my ear only hurts, and twisting my arm only reminds me of countless introductions to the latest "Indian Rug Burn" techniques from first grade. Oddly enough, they were all the same. Good thing I was a real he-man, like every other six year old boy, so it didn't hurt.

Well, so far, there are no jobs. I can't find anyone who will hire someone for just the summer. If I do, there are at least 50 other zombies (why did I say zombies? I meant persons, not living or dead) have already applied, and I get thrown in there, and they still hire those who won't be leaving in September. Everywhere else requires a CDL  or a college degree...which I have to wait another two years for. That or it's a CNA job. I see lots of CNA and similar jobs.  I wish they would stop showing up.

So I attempted to teach a certain person, not living or dead (I have no idea why I keep typing that, but it's against my religion to use a backspace key when typing a blog), who is directly related to me and seven years my junior, how to play guitar. This did not work very well, because this individual claims my guitars are too large for her. Luckily, we had two 3/4 guitars. Unluckily, one had an insane action somewhere around an inch and a half off the fretboard, which made it impossible to play. I could take a reinforcing piece of the nut and improve that, but that didn't help, because the strings just vibrated horribly inside the main nut (which was designed solely for right-handing use), causing an insanely irritating buzzing noise. The second guitar said "First Hawaiian Conservatory of Music" on the head. I believe it. This was probably their very first guitar. And they were probably the First Sandwich Islands Conservatory of Music back then. It probably carries the US patent number 2. I'm serious. I tried to restring the thing, and the pegs disintegrated when I touched them. Scout's honor (does that work for me?). So anyway, four guitars (three and a half) in the house, and none that I can teach this midget how to play. Something about tiny hands and being left-handed. Oh well. Maybe some other day.

I think either Facebook should make their likes send a like to the link of the original source of any content that was posted. Because it's weird when content gets all this attention from an external source, but nothing on the original website from whence it came, to bump up traffic to it on that website itself. It's kinda like if Walmart brand potatoes get super popular at Kmart. Why that would happen, I don't know. But it's weird. i don't even know if that makes sense, but, you know, my religion and backspacing.

Oh well. Tha-th-th-th-that's all folks. ....Yeah..... yup. Gonna click "Publish Post" anytime now.

Woot Squared

That was a joke among us nerds in high school. because you see, (woot)(woot) = woot^2 ...ahh nevermind. You want me to just get to the good stuff. Well, so far it looks like I'm going to be eating a lot of giraffes, because I promised people that if they didn't watch my newest video, I would have to eat a giraffes. Well, 464 people could potentially read that promise, and my view count is only 38. So I now must eat 426 giraffes. I love animal crackers, but that's a lot.... Hey, maybe you could help me, internet. You can watch it for me! It's a song I wrote called All Things Through Christ. I promise you'll enjoy it. And I make good on my promises. I already ate about 6 giraffes (this takes time, ok? giraffes are big). Anyway, yeah, you should watch it. Here it is. But, if you click the video and go to Youtube to watch it, you can see it in high def (1080p), AND you can click that fancy little like button, and save some elephants as well. So yeah. Listen to this song. I dare you.

Did you like it? I hope you did! I really like that song. It was fun to write, and I get a lot from the message of it. Philippians 4:13 has been my life verse for quite some time. Not to be confused with my favorite verse, which is Leviticus 13:41, which in the KJV says "And he that hath his hair fallen off from the part of his head toward his face, he is forehead bald: yet is he clean." Well, that's all for now.

But Wait! Before I go. I just want you to know that if it weren't for you, my music career would be nonexistent. I write songs to deliver these messages to you, after all. So thank you for all your support, internet. Now go tell the world how much each and every one of you means to me!

Unless you're determined never going listen to anything I write. In which case, get off my blog.

Bye everyone else! Look for another song in two weeks!  =D

Up and running

So it's kinda been four evers (how long an ever is...I'm not sure) since I put anything up. I was busy moving into my new room, and building my new computer. Yes, that's right. Now I actually CAN make videos. My laptop was on its last leg. So this desktop will do me while I'm home. I'll have to decide what to do for a computer at school though. But yeah, now I can do everything i want with audio and video. Hopefully in a week or two, I'll have another video up. This time of a song I wrote. You can see what I did this time though. This blog will be short. Just wanted to tell everyone That I sound amazing. Just kidding ;)

Enjoy. If you click the little "youtube" logo in the bottom right, you can watch it bigger on Youtube. Watch it a million times. Or just once. I don't care, as long as you watch it. I just got a new computer, so this is my most expensive video. Watching it is the least you can do =P

This Title Intentionally Left Blank

So Raquel is sick. She's in a coma. Poor Raquel. She'll get her coma fixed on Thursday. The starter that we had  replaced two years ago had a lifetime warranty, so now all we have to pay is labor costs. (Don't worry, Raquel is my car, in case you did't know)

So I'm taking a Revelation video class this summer. The same one that Mullenix teaches. Soon, I get to hear all about his cat! Yay!

I've spent the last few days moving into my new room, which is my old room, but my sister decided she can't stay in any one room, and keeps moving. And in the process, I got a new bed frame that wasn't broken! Woohoo! Now all I need is a new computer that can consistently handle working on music and videos.

I keep getting those emergency updates from NWFSC about their power outages. I wish I could turn them off, cuz I don't go there, so it doesn't matter...but I can't remember my login. Which reminds me! Story time! *all the kids cheer and gather around*
 ever after.
*Ahem* One upon a time, I had an AIM account. It's scary, I know! But that's not the worst part! I never used it, you see, because all my contacts had Yahoo Messenger anyway. One day, I met a friend at camp who wanted to chat on AIM, and requested me. But woe is me! Suddenly there appeared a huge fire-breathing dragon threatening to eat the fair mai--oh, sorry, I forgot which story I was telling. Anyway, I tried to log in, but I forgot my password. No big deal: all I have to do is have it emailed to me, right? So i request to have it sent to me. Then I look, and it says "Your password has been sent to soccer4wrd2004@aol.com. Yeah, they sent my AOL password to my AOL email account. Obviously, I haven't been able to log in since. And the dragon lived happily ever after. (Wait...what? I think this book was published by PETA or something.)

Ummm...I'm done typing. Bye!


I can't believe how amazing I am at forgetting that I have a blog that I'm supposed to update.

Newsflash: I am not dead.

What would you like me to talk about? I have a cornucopia of subjects. (Yay! Vocabulary point!) I could talk about the plethora (ooh that's two! I'm a winner!) of homework assignments I'm currently blowing off. But I don't want to do that. I could talk about the fact that school is almost over. That one makes me happy. Let's try that. Yeah, so less than two weeks, and I'll be a senior. Crazy. And I don't mean just kinda weird....I mean like insane...as in astonishing, unbelievable, incredible, boss, heavy maaaan. (Someone else can count up any vocabulary points from here on out, cuz I'm done.) It's all I can do to wonder where the heck those last several years went. But that's all I have to say about that.

I love watching ghost-hunting shows. Any random noise always warrants a sound amplification played 50 times, and you still can't actually make out anything, even AFTER they tell you what the ghost told them. And what i find even funnier is that the person that died might have been a German from the 15th century or something, and whatever they say sounds exactly like "Get out of here before I eat your soul." ...According to the ghost hunters. All I ever hear is ****static****pop**static****.

So I know I promised a video, and I know i promised it a long time ago, and I know I haven't posted one. Please don't hate me. I ran out of time. Don't you realize how busy I get being an engineering major with a math and piano double minor? I mean, I guess I should have considered that when I signed up for it. And I probably should have anticipated the school making it more difficult any way they can. Next semester is gonna be biiii-Z. Emags...Electronics...Linear Systems...choral conducting (wait what?) and others. This past semester has been busy enough, between the major, the minor, and work. I won't be able to work next semester...which doesn't bum me out too bad...workin in the distribution center can get incredibly monotonous after all.

Let's see...one more topic. You pick what it is. Animals? Ok....but remember...you did ask for it....This might seem random, but I want a pet hedgehog. I've wanted one since I was eight. Chances are, very few (like maybe one) people reading this blog knew that about me. But I want one. I can't get one now though, cuz I can't have it at school, and while I'm at home, I'm pretty sure the dog would eat it. She caught ate a bird the other day. I'm proud of her. My parents aren't as proud of her because she brought it in the house. My sister isn't as proud of her, because she firmly believes that when the dog gets a taste of blood, she'll turn into a vampire dog and want to eat us or something. Teenage girls say the darnedest things.....

Oh well, I'm going to quit typing now. Well, not yet. A few actual news bits. PCC is now officially seeking accreditation, if anyone reading this wasn't already aware. So that's pretty awesome. Speaking of them, they've changed the name of their handbook to the Pathway. Sounds like PCC is becoming its own religion, with the Pathway as its holy book or something....But whatever, just speculation based on name choices.
Anyway, NOW I'm going to quit typing in 3...2...1...

Oh Yeah! I have a blog!

I almost forgot! Well i did forget. i haven't posted a single thing this entire break. But that all changes today! I haven't written any new songs, and I'm not putting any of my songs online in the near future (meaning next week or two), but I am planning to do a cover of a song and put it up soon. I'm having a bit of difficulty with the video portion...but if I can manage to get it to work, my drummerist, Captain Rafael, will make his encore appearance! I think he got a bit camera shy because not very many people saw him last time, and I promised him the whole world would see him....since the whole world didn't, he thinks he must be a bad drummer, so he doesn't want to "appear before the world" again. Maybe I can trick him into complying. I can tell him my camera is a fancy-looking sandwich. I think it'll work. I can convince him of anything, partially because his head is just a hollow piece of plastic. That wasn't an insult, by the way. He would rather be that than a hollow piece of felt. His words, not mine.

So let's see, what can I write about? Well, I got back into reading Ted Dekker, which is something that's hard to do at school because the school library doesn't carry this genius Christian fiction author. (HINT HINT! Pensacola Christian College, please Google your name, read this post, and find some Ted Dekker books to carry. The Lost Books series would be good, since I haven't finished those.)

Only one night left of the revival services at Faith (1309 Valparaiso Blvd, Niceville, FL.....just thought I'd throw that in there). Tonight at 7. It's been a great revival so far. At least four people have gotten saved, several have rededicated their lives to Christ, and countless decisions have been made. Tonight should be really good. I'm excited.

Oh! I have to show you this! It's one of the coolest things anyone has ever given me!

Just a Gir keychain thing? Oh that's not so special. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Call today and you get not one, but zero of these! Because it's all mine! Check out what's insi-i-i-i-i-i-ide him!
Yes, you have to decapitate him, but there's a 1GB thumb drive inside his head! Tell me if that's not just the coolest thing in the world! And I will slap you for lying to me! Just kidding.

Ok, that's about it. By the way, this is post number 42. That, you all know, is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. I'm not saying my blog posts are all that, but you know, if you add 2 and 2, you get 4, and then if you stick one of those 2's on the end, you get 42, and we just covered what THAT means! 

This has been Blogs with Johnbobz. Tune in next time to see Johnbobz post a blog