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So Raquel is sick. She's in a coma. Poor Raquel. She'll get her coma fixed on Thursday. The starter that we had  replaced two years ago had a lifetime warranty, so now all we have to pay is labor costs. (Don't worry, Raquel is my car, in case you did't know)

So I'm taking a Revelation video class this summer. The same one that Mullenix teaches. Soon, I get to hear all about his cat! Yay!

I've spent the last few days moving into my new room, which is my old room, but my sister decided she can't stay in any one room, and keeps moving. And in the process, I got a new bed frame that wasn't broken! Woohoo! Now all I need is a new computer that can consistently handle working on music and videos.

I keep getting those emergency updates from NWFSC about their power outages. I wish I could turn them off, cuz I don't go there, so it doesn't matter...but I can't remember my login. Which reminds me! Story time! *all the kids cheer and gather around*
 ever after.
*Ahem* One upon a time, I had an AIM account. It's scary, I know! But that's not the worst part! I never used it, you see, because all my contacts had Yahoo Messenger anyway. One day, I met a friend at camp who wanted to chat on AIM, and requested me. But woe is me! Suddenly there appeared a huge fire-breathing dragon threatening to eat the fair mai--oh, sorry, I forgot which story I was telling. Anyway, I tried to log in, but I forgot my password. No big deal: all I have to do is have it emailed to me, right? So i request to have it sent to me. Then I look, and it says "Your password has been sent to Yeah, they sent my AOL password to my AOL email account. Obviously, I haven't been able to log in since. And the dragon lived happily ever after. (Wait...what? I think this book was published by PETA or something.)

Ummm...I'm done typing. Bye!

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