I can't believe how amazing I am at forgetting that I have a blog that I'm supposed to update.

Newsflash: I am not dead.

What would you like me to talk about? I have a cornucopia of subjects. (Yay! Vocabulary point!) I could talk about the plethora (ooh that's two! I'm a winner!) of homework assignments I'm currently blowing off. But I don't want to do that. I could talk about the fact that school is almost over. That one makes me happy. Let's try that. Yeah, so less than two weeks, and I'll be a senior. Crazy. And I don't mean just kinda weird....I mean like in astonishing, unbelievable, incredible, boss, heavy maaaan. (Someone else can count up any vocabulary points from here on out, cuz I'm done.) It's all I can do to wonder where the heck those last several years went. But that's all I have to say about that.

I love watching ghost-hunting shows. Any random noise always warrants a sound amplification played 50 times, and you still can't actually make out anything, even AFTER they tell you what the ghost told them. And what i find even funnier is that the person that died might have been a German from the 15th century or something, and whatever they say sounds exactly like "Get out of here before I eat your soul." ...According to the ghost hunters. All I ever hear is ****static****pop**static****.

So I know I promised a video, and I know i promised it a long time ago, and I know I haven't posted one. Please don't hate me. I ran out of time. Don't you realize how busy I get being an engineering major with a math and piano double minor? I mean, I guess I should have considered that when I signed up for it. And I probably should have anticipated the school making it more difficult any way they can. Next semester is gonna be biiii-Z. Emags...Electronics...Linear Systems...choral conducting (wait what?) and others. This past semester has been busy enough, between the major, the minor, and work. I won't be able to work next semester...which doesn't bum me out too bad...workin in the distribution center can get incredibly monotonous after all.

Let's more topic. You pick what it is. Animals? Ok....but did ask for it....This might seem random, but I want a pet hedgehog. I've wanted one since I was eight. Chances are, very few (like maybe one) people reading this blog knew that about me. But I want one. I can't get one now though, cuz I can't have it at school, and while I'm at home, I'm pretty sure the dog would eat it. She caught ate a bird the other day. I'm proud of her. My parents aren't as proud of her because she brought it in the house. My sister isn't as proud of her, because she firmly believes that when the dog gets a taste of blood, she'll turn into a vampire dog and want to eat us or something. Teenage girls say the darnedest things.....

Oh well, I'm going to quit typing now. Well, not yet. A few actual news bits. PCC is now officially seeking accreditation, if anyone reading this wasn't already aware. So that's pretty awesome. Speaking of them, they've changed the name of their handbook to the Pathway. Sounds like PCC is becoming its own religion, with the Pathway as its holy book or something....But whatever, just speculation based on name choices.
Anyway, NOW I'm going to quit typing in 3...2...1...

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  1. If you buy a hedgehog i will keep it for you and love it and pet it can visit it occasionally! :)