Writer's Block

Ugh! That's really all I have to say. Since I have this block, I can't really say anything on this blog either, other than the fact that I can't write any lyrics. I know, exciting, right? I've pretty much hit a wall. I thick wall made of old Jello, and all I have is a spork. It seems so easy to get through, but sporks are too useless, so I won't get anywhere with that. I can write music all day long, but writing lyrics that actually mean something...yeah that's not an easy job. But then again, the way songwriters work nowadays, I could probably write a song about a dirty Ziploc bag, and end up with a hit single. I mean, seriously. Songs like Boom Boom Pow? That honestly got popular? Has anyone actually listened to a single word in the song? The whole point of it is that their song sounds good with awesome speakers, so you can hear the bass beat instead of the words!

In other news...these protein bars I got are nasty. And the warning labels are slightly odd. "Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." Oh boy. That's great for someone on a workout program. I can just imagine a guy eating one of those, and then going to the gym. Halfway through his squats, the "effect" takes place. Somebody didn't think this through very well....

It's raining! I love the rain! Rain seems to just clear up everything! So I'm just going to end this blog, listen to the rain, and relax. Maybe lyrics will happen!

Turning the Key

Well, I've started working on getting my second song copyrighted (but not my first one yet, because of confusing parts of my brain not letting me call that one finished lol). I can send in the audio recording I already made, but I might attempt a slightly better quality recording before sending it in. Also, I'm going to finalize the sheet music I wrote out, and I might include accompaniment parts. This should take a few days, but no longer than two weeks, to get everything how I want it.

I've thought about a simple poor man's copyright, but I have to face the fact that I'm far too protective of my songs to do anything less than official. I know, I'm just paranoid...but admitting that doesn't change things.

So far, I have four, possibly five songs that are ready to begin their finalization process. I'm excited about the last two, because they were born out of my color series idea. (Well technically, only the last one was, but those are details I refuse to explain at the moment.)

Today I saw Das, Topher, and Jensons. It turns out Das has never watched Invader Zim! Topher and I got to relive the series in about 10 minutes, to engourage Das to watch it. Anyone who has NOT seen Invader Zim SHOULD. Right now. After the creepy Palm Pre lady stops trying her hand at mind control on TV, get on youtube, hulu, or some other site, and find some Invader Zim episodes. If you don't watch them, I will personally clog you toilet with cheese. Not shredded or anything. No, a giant wheel of Pepperjack. Of course, nobody needs to worry about this, because the only people who would be reading this blog for now have seen Invader Zim anyway. I don't know why I just typed this whole paragraph, but there's so much here that I don't want to delete it. Lack of sleep is taking its toll.

From the exact center of my bedroom,

Humble Beginnings

Well, as you can see, this is my first post. Might as well dive in....

I've been thinking a lot lately about a career in music. I've got a lot planned out, actually. Sure it'll take some work, which is why I'm still planning on finishing my degree first, so i can have a nice career to back me through the years it could ake to make any money off of my music.

I had an epiphany last night though. I intend to do a song series based on colors. It sounds retarded, but I think it's a cool idea, because, for me, different colors have very lively feelings. I was just thinking what it would be like to explain to someone what a particular color feel like to me. Say, sky blue, for instance. I'm not telling you what that's like though; you'll just have to wait until I release the song :P

Well, that about wraps this up. I just needed something to star this off with.

This has been A Colorful Ambition, with Johnbobz. Tune in next time to hear.....well, just tune in next time, okay?