Writer's Block

Ugh! That's really all I have to say. Since I have this block, I can't really say anything on this blog either, other than the fact that I can't write any lyrics. I know, exciting, right? I've pretty much hit a wall. I thick wall made of old Jello, and all I have is a spork. It seems so easy to get through, but sporks are too useless, so I won't get anywhere with that. I can write music all day long, but writing lyrics that actually mean something...yeah that's not an easy job. But then again, the way songwriters work nowadays, I could probably write a song about a dirty Ziploc bag, and end up with a hit single. I mean, seriously. Songs like Boom Boom Pow? That honestly got popular? Has anyone actually listened to a single word in the song? The whole point of it is that their song sounds good with awesome speakers, so you can hear the bass beat instead of the words!

In other news...these protein bars I got are nasty. And the warning labels are slightly odd. "Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." Oh boy. That's great for someone on a workout program. I can just imagine a guy eating one of those, and then going to the gym. Halfway through his squats, the "effect" takes place. Somebody didn't think this through very well....

It's raining! I love the rain! Rain seems to just clear up everything! So I'm just going to end this blog, listen to the rain, and relax. Maybe lyrics will happen!

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