Up and running

So it's kinda been four evers (how long an ever is...I'm not sure) since I put anything up. I was busy moving into my new room, and building my new computer. Yes, that's right. Now I actually CAN make videos. My laptop was on its last leg. So this desktop will do me while I'm home. I'll have to decide what to do for a computer at school though. But yeah, now I can do everything i want with audio and video. Hopefully in a week or two, I'll have another video up. This time of a song I wrote. You can see what I did this time though. This blog will be short. Just wanted to tell everyone That I sound amazing. Just kidding ;)

Enjoy. If you click the little "youtube" logo in the bottom right, you can watch it bigger on Youtube. Watch it a million times. Or just once. I don't care, as long as you watch it. I just got a new computer, so this is my most expensive video. Watching it is the least you can do =P

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