Doomsday announced

So Monday morning, I plan to be drugged up like no tomorrow, after getting all four wisdom teeth removed (oh boy!) Somebody needs to come and record it! Hit me up, and I'll let you know where to be! I really need to watch myself on drugs later =D

Tonight was the first night of revivial at our church. It was a great service, basically about keeping the church alive. He touched for a little while on having a greater concern for others, because many times the only thing people need to convince them to come back to Christ is simply having someone love them and encourage them. A visitor got saved, too! We'll be having services all week, right into Sunday. They're at 7:00 each night at Faith Independent Baptist Church in Niceville. I'd encourage you to come if you can.

Also, youtube is funny. I watched a video, and happened to look down and notice it only had 301 views. However, it had 8,149 comments. How does that work? I took a screenshot XD.

Had a conversation with my dad today. We discussed the existence of other dimensions. I came to several conclusions. One of them is that Heaven and God exist in more dimensions than we can imagine. Think about it, if you had the power to do ANYTHING you wanted...would you REALLY limit yourself to three dimensions? Heck no. God existing outside of our dimensions explains a lot of things. I also decided that we subconsciously have access to a fourth dimension (time), which explains psychic experiences and dreams. Yes, I've been having quite a nerdy/philosophical day. I could get into it a lot deeper, but you don't want to read that, I'm sure. Instead, I'll just leave it with "Later!" (Or earlier, if your dimension so allows)

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  1. I would so video record that if I could!

    Great news about the revival!

    I don't get the 8k comments with 300 views.. makes no sense. (funny tho, that guy broke his Nexus One! LOL)

    That is... interesting. Curious thought, makes ya wonder.. *ponders*