Woah...Time is Weird

So I can't believe it's been only a week (and a day) since my last post. Feels like it was almost a month. What with people leaving for school, gettin married, and everything else. I won't elaborate on any of the time-stretching details that come to mind, because they're all long stories. Anyway, I guess another video is due soon, hopefully within the next few days. If I give myself a deadline, maybe I'll actually do it lol. Let's say before Wednesday at 10:07pm. Sound good? Ok, good. But let's make that Pacific time, so I get a few extra hours to procrastinate. I like my deadlining style!

So last night was fun. Went with some friends to the mall and hung out in the arcade until they kicked us out. I was pretty sure we were going to get locked in the mall, but it was all good. We took off to the bowling alley and played pool for a while. Enough for me to remember why I don't play pool too often. After that, went to the bowling alley on base so we could do laser bowling. I love laser bowling. I also bowled my best game ever last night (but I won't say what I got, because I don't think I'm supposed to be as happy about the score as I was lol). Anyway, stayed there till the kicked us out again, then headed back to el casa and watched Green Zone. That movie definitely wasn't worth watching till 3am. A slow-moving plot and an embarrassingly short attention span don't mix very well. But it was definitely a lot of fun just hangin out with friends all night.

This morning, I got to go out on the bus visitation and invite some folks to church. There weren't many people home (or just not many people answering their doors), but we handed out a few tracts, and it went pretty good.

Well, I really don't have much else to say. If you promise not to trip over an elk on the way out of your front door, then I promise to try to stick to my deadline. Gyuunyuu! (That means milk in Japanese. I randomly wanted some. I think I might get some, which involves me getting off the computer and going to the fridge. Goodbye!)

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