Short update

Ok so, the video was a couple hours late in coming, but that's not my fault! Someone tripped over an elk (which translates to "technology hates me"). Seriously though, I must have done something to anger the world's computers when i was young. It took forever to match the video to the audio because, somehow, the video recorded slower that it was supposed to (which means I have a time-traveling camera!!) Anyway, this is the video, right here. Click this link. This one here. Do it. In all honesty though, this is one of my favorite songs. There's a chord in there that literally sent chills down my spin as I listened to it a few minutes ago. But enough of that, I'll just let you hear it.

I recently held a "Facebook election" to decide whether to go watch a soccer game on Friday or to go to Milton to hear bro Kenny Baldwin. I was completely torn, because I love soccer, but it's also been a while since I've heard Kenny Baldwin. Well, in case any of you were wondering, the election has been decided (partially because of a mandate from mom 2.0; partially because in the end, when my fellow short friend and I pooled our votes together, Kenny Baldwin really did get more votes than soccer), and Friday will be fun! I'm excited! If that paragraph didn't make a lot of sense, get over it. It's late, and I'm going to bed. *Looks around at pretend audience* Goodnight, person. Goodnight, that other guy. Goodnight, cute girl. Goodnight, rest of world. Goodnight, Jeltso Falkroff, the alien from Saturn who has it out for me and keeps praying to the overseeing powers of technology to rain down their curses on innocent me. Even though you are mean, I will return kindness to you. May your children grow three extra heads in plenty of time for the convention, and may your aerobatic cattle bestow wonderful gifts upon your family for 3.2 generations.

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