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So I go back to that little bubble that we like to call PCC a month from tomorrow. I'll be working on campus this semester, So I'm headed back a few days before the semester actually starts. I'm not sure where I'll be working yet...I'm supposed to find that out the day I go back. It's funny every time I think about it, how that place is just its own little world. The mall looks like a completely separate country in comparison. The PCC people are always so easy to pick out, because 50% of the other people are wearing baggy shorts (so big you could use them for shelter on a rainy night if need be) or mini skirts, have their hair bedazzled with each of the three primary colors, and look like that just came straight out of a hip hop video (you know, the ones that are trying to express their individuality that just so happens to match the individuality of everyone else they hang around with). Then 20% are dressed like typical human beings, and 30% are walking around in groups wearing khakis and a collared shirt (or skirts if they're girls...obviously). Then you get back to this Bubble that's running completely independent of the outside world (apart from US Mail and water) go to dinner with friends, and laugh at things that, really, no one in that mall you just came from would have found funny...for the simple fact that they've never experienced this other world you live in.

I mean, sure there are times when I'd rather be anywhere other than there...but when it comes down to it, I don't think I'd trade it (besides, we all feel like that about most places from time to time). I like being at a small school where everyone knows each other, and you've got so many people you can depend on. I just love the whole atmosphere and idea of smaller communities.

That being said...here are some things I ponder when boredom sets in:

  • When cleaning products say stuff like "It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its directions," how much room does that give me? Can I land myself in prison for cleaning the grout in the tile with a product that says it's for counters? Or do I have to feed the Lysol to someone's cat before I'm charged with a crime?
  • Do whales snore? Can they? If not, do they "talk" in their sleep?
  • Who was the daredevil that decided eating eggs would be nice to try?
  • How many attempts at bungee jumping did it take before they managed to convince people to pay to do it?
  • Could it be that the chicken really DID just want to get to the other side, and has now become a laughing stock, just because of this one simple desire?
  • Why do so many people think it plausible that an alien race would travel many thousands of light years to come specifically to our planet and do tests on us, when we haven't even made our presence in the universe obvious until little more than 100 years ago?
  • Why am I still writing when I so desperately crave a snack right now? Goodbye

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