I'm sorry, Blog

It appears i have been neglecting you these past two weeks. That "Blogger.com" button just kinda sits there on my bookmarks page looking lonely while I pass it up for Facebook and YouTube. I apologize, old friend.

...     [*Blink*]  ....  OH! Hey there! If you're reading this, it means you care about what I have to say. Aww you are all so nice. I thank you all from the heart of my bottom! Ok, just kidding...that's slightly weird. I'll thank you from the bottom of my heart instead. I've had a busy week. I've spent a lot of time working on music, particularly Meant for Me. It's pretty close to done (considering where it was a few weeks ago, that is). There are a few spots I still need to smooth out, but after that, we'll be good. Don't worry, the other ones shouldn't take this long. This is hard because it's my first song I'm actually trying to do a really good job at producing, and I also feel like it's my most important song, so it has to be perfect. I can't help but analyze even the most minute details in this thing. it's starting to drive me crazy. I really don't know how professional audio engineers can do this kind of thing every day and retain their sanity. Then again, I've only met two people who ever do anything with recording and/or mixing. One's a musical genius (and I've never heard of a genius who was in his right mind), and the other is weird and annoying and hated by almost everyone I can think of at school. So I guess there's no sanity to retain in either of them. Now I understand how this works!

Steps to becoming a professional audio engineer:
   1. Lose mind
   2. Develop an excuse for said lost mind, so no one suspects it (i.e. music or nuclear physics)
   3. Get lucky. Win the lottery. Inherit Bill Gates' fortune by mistake, and unethically keep it.
   4. Use the aforementioned fortune to buy the kind of expensive gear you need or just think you need.
   5. Make money and get discovered by producing a song with a heavy enough beat that no one cares how good it is. They just listen to it anyway because it's the coolest thing to listen to when you're walking down the street with your pants down around your ankles, obviously.
   6. After step 5, you can record anything you want, because you're already a famous producer now.

Sounds like i've got a business plan! Let's just hope there are better fads by the time I get to step 5. Ok, just kidding again. I don't plan on working in a studio for a career. I'd actually like to design wireless communication or digital entertainment devices. I'd also like to make sure that whatever career path i embark upon, it consists of big words, so that I can still look smart, even with a retarded grin on my face! =D

So anyway, i hope you're still reading, because I have big news! I registered 5 songs today to be copyrighted! Woohoo! Now I get to wait for "up to 6 months" ( though I've read it could take longer =/ ) for them to mail me a certificate (providing I did everything right). It was kinda nerve-racking doing it all.

The US Copyright Office's site is not the most self-explanatory site in the world, and it was difficult to find sufficient help. I called them, but it took around 15 minutes for me to get in touch with somebody (and every minute, this recorded voice that sounded like it belonged to a guy who wore square coke-bottle lenses and had a pedo-stache would say "Sorry, but due the the very high volume of calls, there is no one available to take your call at this time. Please hold for the next available information specialist" or something close to that) I hope Mr. Recorded Voice Man doesn't read this. It might affect my success in securing that fancy certificate. Nothing against you, Mr. Recorded Voice Man. I was just really bored waiting. So i apologize for whatever offense I might have caused. Some hold music would have been cool. ANYWAY, I asked the lady all the questions i could think of at the time, and she sounded more like she was quoting things from an internet forum. her answers seemed sorta distant, like they only partially applied to me. So for the questions that arose when finally working my way through the confusing details of the site, I just resorted to reading the forums myself. That way i wouldn't have to say "I'm sorry, what did you say?" after everything she said (I'm bad at understanding people on the phone).

But oh well. While I would argue that the site could stand to be slightly more self-explanatory, it's all done now. I submitted Meant for Me, Timeless, Once Again, I Need You More, and Night Sky; all in an EP collection I entitled Actual Size. =D
I know you haven't heard Timeless or I Need You More yet, but you will before too long. I like them both a lot

I'm off now. As the Beatles once sang, "Go dig a pony!"

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