Recording day

So I got to spend all afternoon recording that duet I had mentioned earlier. If you didn't read that post, now is a good time to go back and read everything I've written! Muhaha! But seriously, it was fun. Had to relearn the song pretty much, because I found out like 10 minutes before the two spiritual attributes got here (I wonder how many of you guys are going to get that? her sister came too, if that gives a decent clue) that I had learned the wrong chords. So i tried to quickly relearn it, and then I had to transpose it down a key, because I just couldn't reach the notes I needed to sing today without sounding pubescent lol. I could reach those notes at midnight when we decided to do that song, but we started recording at 2 in the afternoon. It takes several hours for my higher notes to sound good lol. Needless to say, it took a while to get started. Good thing it's a home studio, so that whole "time is money" thing doesn't apply! We had fun practicing it a bit, then tried with the microphones. Those took a few tries to get set up right. It's not often I record anything for multiple people and an instrument all at the same time, so I'm still learning how to set up all those mics. Eventually we started recording with video too! Until the battery died. Then we just goofed off for a while. But amidst all our fun today, I managed to learn a very valuable lesson. Always check to make SURE a memory card will fit in your memory card reader before just sticking it in. I had to spend quite a while trying to fish the memory card back out of the computer, because it got stuck so deep haha. We almost lost all our video. I ended up taking apart the entire laptop, hoping to maybe get it out from inside, but that didn't do any good. After about half an hour of fiddling with it, we finally got it out with a bobby pin.

Speaking of bobby pins (by the way, if i awkwardly misspell that somewhere, i apologize in advance...spell check doesn't catch it), have you ever noticed how functional those things are? Think about it...there's very few situations where a bobby pin will not come in handy! Need to fix your computer? Get a door unlocked? Hold some papers in place? Find a fish hook? Increase your radio reception? Replace a zipper handle? Poke at something dead? Cause a short circuit in a large power station and take out half a city block? Stab someone who breaks into your house when you don't have a knife handy? (Yes, that was discussed as a serious use) There's virtually nothing these little guys can't do. And to think people actually pay good money for Swiss Army knives! And on top of all that, they can hold hair out of people faces! Ahh...bobby pins.

If you haven't gotten bored yet, I'm helping another friend record some music he wrote. He should be coming over tomorrow. I get to arrange stuff for it! Woohoo!

I watched a movie tonight...about Ramen. I love ramen. Have i ever told you guys how much I love ramen? I'm not sure why, but it's one of the most amazing foods on the planet to me. If I won a lifetime supply of ramen noodles, I would eat it all in a month. I'd be willing to eat it much faster, but I have to spend 3 minutes cooking it, and all those 3 minute waits add up. I sure hope Maruchan never goes out of business. I would probably cry at that sad loss of incredibly cheap ramen. I don't know how much this love of ramen stems from my limited cooking ability, but i just want to shout it out to the world that I love ramen. My roommate and I wrote a song about ramen noodles. It had an organ in it. I don't know why, but it sounded cool. J, if you're reading this, do you still remember that song?

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so that duet turned out pretty good. I listened to what we had, and I like it. As soon as I get the video (since that whole getting the memory card stuck inside the computer still resulted in not getting anything transferred to the computer), I can start working on it, and if by the Grace of my duet partner, and if the camerawoman has enough Faith in her abilities to show yall, maybe I can put something online for yall to see! (That might be the first time I've said yall on my blog. Now it's there three times.)

Bye yall!
Yall come back now, y'hear?
(To certain possible readers, I add an evil laugh to that. Yall know who yall are)

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