So I finally finished that Who Am I cover. It took for-E-VER (scenes from the Sandlot flash through my mind). My computer forced me to use Windows Live Movie Maker simply because I was running Windows 7, and Microsoft is irritating. I finally managed to get a copy of the old XP Movie Maker, thought I still kept having to switch between the two. But it was still a lot harder than it needed to be. I had considered switching to Apple when I got rich. I have no problem with the accompanying actions of only eating at Panera Bread and going to Starbucks twice a day…but I’m still not ready to drive a Prius, so I can’t get a Mac. Anyway, after lots of slaving over a hot CPU, here is the finished product:

The little Lego guy (Captain Rafael…he is the captain of his soccer team, as shown by that captain’s headband) gave me a  bit of trouble. He was very fidgety, which is not an admirable quality for a stop-motion film actor. But by the end of shooting, he had learned his place. He may even show up again sometime. Just as long as he doesn’t raise his rates. He certainly drove a hard bargain. Luckily I have a sister who will work for free. If she reads this and demands payment, I’m quite prepared to offer her 10% of my profits that Youtube pays me (lol).

Still waiting on some good movies, too. We got Lovely Bones from Netflix last weekend. After we watched it, we sent it back. Then there was some weird mixup, and Netflix sent the movie back, saying that it hadn’t been opened, so they didn’t think we had received it in the first place. Then it just got left on the counter for the next two days, instead of being mailed back to them again. Guess we just can’t get rid of that movie. It was a good movie and all, but I want to see The Book of Eli. In the meantime, I’ll just spend my free time working on music (shocker, I know) and reading books. Right now, I’m reading White, the third installment in Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy. Ted Dekker is a fascinating writer. Rarely does a story that exists in another reality/fantasy world and still feel so incredibly realistic. I would definitely recommend the Circle Trilogy (or anything by Ted Dekker, honestly) to anyone. It has quite a strong allegorical value, as well, with each event in the book’s other “dimension” lining up with Scriptural teachings. All of that going on while the entire world is scheduled to meet a very abrupt and catastrophic end.

My sister (not the one in the video) insists I’ll be working in the dish room when I get back to school. I hope she’s wrong lol. But if she’s right, I can’t complain too much, cuz I need the job either way. My car needs some repairs done. I’m actually getting excited about school. It’s been a while since I’ve had any music classes/lessons. I’ve got a music theory class, a hymnplaying class, a voice class, and a piano lesson. Then two engineering classes and a Bible class. I’m actually hoping that I can get lucky and they’ll movie some of the classes around so that I can keep those classes and add another engineering class, so that catching up won’t be so tough my senior and super-senior years.

And with all that being said, I bid you all good day, I’m going to go listene to the auto-tuned Bed Intruders song again. It’s by far my favorite Youtube video now

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