One small step for man = One giant leap for leprechauns

Yesterday was a good day. I got the violin part recorded for my song, courtesy of Ericka Wright! It went pretty smoothly. We only had about an hour to record anything, so we got about 5 takes done. I told her to ad-lib for the first part of the song. Little did she know that I planned to use the ad-libbing. Muhahaha. I've also been arranging several other songs at the same time. (Ok, not like simultaneously or anything, but you know what I mean, right?) Some are a little intensive, others not so much. I was having a hard time getting my vocals to sound right today, so instead, I recorded a version of me singing with this weird british alternative-rock style accent. Only reason I did that was because my roommates made fun of the way I pronounced "man" in my first recording of it (the low-quality one that's on my youtube channel:
...there are only three uploaded's not hard to find lol) and sang the whole thing with an accent all the time. There's also my video bar to the right if you don't like clicking your mouse more than once. So anyway, I told him I'd record a weird-accent version just for him. And I did! Woohoo!

Which reminds me! I need to put up another song, so yall don't think I'm just being lazy! I think I decided the next one I upload will be one I named Once Again. Piano is the main instrument (in the video, it will be the only instrument) in this one, as opposed to my oh-so-incredibly-cool Cougar-branded guitar:

(BTW, if you can't make it out, those fancy letters of Greekness are Pi Kappa Delta)

See that awesome-looking shiny new soccer ball next to it? My sister bought me a new one because mine is beat up. Isn't she the best sister in the world? Now I have a fresh ball to practice with as I prepare to have a rockin' season this upcoming semester. Last season wasn't so great, because we lost more than half of our team, and they were all replaced with new freshman. Don't get me wrong, we have some talented players, but the face that they were all newcomers meant that we lacked the chemistry that a team gets when they've played together for a while. But this season will be better, I can feel it. We had all last year to get to know each other and grow as a collegian, which always makes for great chemistry on the field.

Where was I? British leprechauns...wright-handed rock...woo's and hoo's........Oh yeah! You should be able to expect an upcoming video in the next couple days. And by the way, if you remember when I mentioned going to Open Mic Night at Playground Music a few weeks ago...well, it's on Thursdays, and i somehow managed to have something else planned like every Thursday. So i might not get a chance to do that for a while, if at all. If I don't, it's no big deal. It's not like people who participate in it get the musical debut of the century. I'm pretty sure Youtube gets more business than Playground anyway lol, so it doesn't matter much. I'll only go if people write me and beg me to change my mind so they can come watch. Since I don't see that happening, looks like I'm safe to enjoy my Thursdays! (they're the new Tuesdays, you know).

Will all of that...and i mean AAALLLLLLLL of that...being said, I can now bid yall adieu (i refuse to say the word you and all separately in succession. I just won't do it) Do something good this week. Go adopt a penguin, or feed a starving leprechaun. Be a good example to every midget that may be watching you from underneath the couch! (bet that'll make you think twice before you sit down)

--- Me, myself, and John

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  1. <3 u john!!! made us laugh a lot!! cant wait to have u back at school! :D