Hello again, Internet!

Here I am, talking to a box sitting on my desk, so that when I turn around, it can start gossiping to all the other boxes around the world who will in turn secretly tell their owners everything that I've been saying, without me ever knowing anything was said to these people! But to whomever is told this via their fancy big-mouthed boxes, don't worry...my box tells me everything you've done lately too ;) Man...the 21st century doesn't sound very fun when you put it that way. Oh well. Gotta love what words can do.

So I spent much of the day at the church cleaning up the mess I made setting up for Vacation Bible School. I'll be honest...I don't want to see anymore staples for a while lol. We had stapled tons of colored-paper onto the walls all around the Wright Hall building to give an under-sea atmosphere. The theme was Diving for God's Treasure. It took a solid week (many days, 12 straight hours of work were put into a single day) to put everything together, and about 3 hours to clean it all up. But that was a lot of staples to remove.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. I just recently recorded every song I've finished to video, so that I could put it all on a CD and mail it...to myself. I'm just going to let post-office records verify everything until I get everything mastered and have money for the US Copyright Office. It's technically not an official method, but copyright law only requires you have a tangible copy, and it's best if there's a verifiable date on it, so I think this method will do just fine for now lol. I've got 12 songs on the CD -- one more song than I had counted last time, but I can't remember when I last counted, so I'm not sure if i counted wrong, or if I simply wrote my newest song after counting. I won't upload any of those videos because it was a little late, and I don't want to torture the world with recordings that didn't turn out so great. One song did turn out pretty good, and I considered uploading it, until, after watching the video, I realized that I apparently was flipping the camera the bird through the whole song while I was playing guitar. That or it was a weird shadow that just made it look that way. I didn't really care which one it was, it just didn't look right. But I'll try again after I get this whole CD/mail thing finished. The song was called Night Sky, in case you were curious, and it would be part of my Color Series that I mentioned a while back, if I ever write the REST of the series, that is =P.

More important stuff to look forward to. Grace and I plan to do a duet within a couple weeks. We've been considering a duet cover of Hillsong United's "Lead Me to the Cross." Can't wait for that! :D

One last important stuff: I'll be changing my blog's design by the time I release my next post. So don't get thrown off when next time you come back, it's a lot different! Just a head's up!

Okay, everyone say "Bye, John's magic box that tells us everything!"


  1. I've heard of that before as a "poor man's copyright." So, since I've heard of it I'm pretty sure that means it's legit, lol!

  2. They might as well call it an "average citizen's copyright" now. Real copyrights can get expensive lol