Week Number Uno!

So I got to the Camp a week ago, feeling like I was virtually starting over (which makes sense, since I'm in several freshman classes). I got put in a room with one of my good friends, and two international students. There were a few bumps in the road to registering. I had no time to do it when I got there, because even though it's all online, I kept getting an error saying I didn't meet the prerequisite for what would have been my freshman electrical engineering class that I was told last semester I HAD to take. The problem was that I did meet the qualifications, so there shouldn't have been a problem. I wasn't able to see my advisors until Tuesday to get it all worked out, so I just filled out a form and hoped it would be resolved before then.

So I went ahead and started my job on Monday. Easy job...anyone who can count to 10 can do it. It just makes it that much better because I don't even have to be awake, really! I was supposed to work 8 hours, but got off an hour early because we had already finished all the available work. I thought, "Perfect! Now I have an hour to go see my advisor and get these registration errors taken care of!" Right before I went, I checked my email, and got a message saying that there in fact was no need for me to take that class because the material had been covered in other classes I've taken, (which is what I had been saying all along) and I would therefore not even be allowed to register the class at all. Stuck a Literature class in its place, and now I'm good. Except for the papers I'll have to write.....

I wasn't able to buy books until Tuesday, and I ended up finding some deals with various people (I'm renting some books from one person in exchange for packs of gum...how awesome is that???), and the price of my books dropped from almost $800 to $220! That felt like God saying "Yup, this is what I want you to do. I'll make it work" Then the preacher brought a message that night that in a way seemed to verify that again. He talked about having harmony amongst ourselves, and not getting worked up about one person having some minor belief or standard that you don't agree with. Then he turned that into an application for the students who felt that coming to the Bubble was what God was calling them to do. Just because we may not like certain rules, that's really not a good excuse to leave the will of God. Then it all clicked in retrospect. That answered why it was so hard to register with other colleges. I can't explain how, but it answered so many more questions I had ever since I decided to forego registering with UWF. I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt God wants me to finish out here. What He plans for me to do with the degree I get out of this, I still don't know, but at least I can rest assured I have another 3 years here.....which should be more fun than it sounds lol.

Classes started Wednesday and all has gone well since then. I've spent the last few nights hanging out with ex-CCA peeps. I've had a blast with them. Greek Rush was last night, and our collegiate (the Cougars!) was doing the theme "Overcoming Obstacles." Mamoo and Topher built a little obstacle course on a trailer, and it turned out great. The trailer was carried by several of the guys (wearing the awesome new jerseys), and I was one of the guys selected to run the obstacle course during the parade (since I'm possibly the lightest guy on campus haha) It was a lot of fun, and I was sad that it had to end; but I did feel kinda bad for the guys carrying the trailer, cuz they were exhausted at the end lol. I'll post sometime in the near future and show you how amazing our soccer uniforms look this year! We have our first game on Friday night.

Well, that was a lot of writing. If you read this far, you deserve a prize. I'm a poor college student, so I won't give you one now, but just take comfort in the fact that you deserve one. Soon I'm going to rule the world, and then I will give you all your prizes. They might include little Ninja figurines. Or tacos. People like tacos.

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