Ah-ah-ah-ah Stayin Alive!

Ok, So in case any of you wondered, no, I did NOT fall off the face of the earth. Partly because gravity currently makes that impossible. School has been really hectic this year, but I'm halfway through! Not sure if I mentioned this in my last post or not, but I wrote a new song. I really like it, and maybe if I ever get a chance to record it, you will too! Or I could torture you and make you wait until I release my CD to hear it. Muhaha.
So...where to start? My short term memory problem makes it really hard to keep things straight right now lol. We're halfway through midterms, which so far are going pretty well. We also had a paper due in the middle of midterms, which I wasn't too incredibly thrilled about, but God helped me get it done on time (even if it did mean skipping my voice class. Not like I really wanted to go and listen to people sing for an hour though). The paper ended up being six pages, and I hadn't had time to start on it earlier, so I pretty much did it all last week. But What took more time than writing it was getting all the resources. I had a two page bibliography. And I, for once, didn't use a single internet source. It was like a word study kind of thing for Bible class. I did mine on the passage of Zacchaeus. The title? "Christ Loves Short People." Don't lie; you know you like it.
So tomorrow, I should be going with my sis and bro-in-law to find some costumes. I said we should do Phineas and Ferb....but "Ferb" wants to be able to wear our costumes to church. That's no fun. I was looking forward to seeing him try to walk around in enormous purple pants. I also wanted to make myself a giant triangular head....I could even stick a periscope in it so I could see out the eyes! But...oh well...we'll see what Goodwill has lol.
We only have one soccer game left. I don't want to talk about that.
I keep having dreams involving ninjas. or things similar to ninjas. I think this having a Japanese roommate thing is getting to me. He doesn't even look like a ninja though! I can see his face and everything! Oh well. I think I will remedy that by eating the chips I got from firehouse and then playing piano for a while. Because that makes sense.
Until next time, remember to never underestimate the power of underestimation!

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