My 20th Post!!!!

Everyone! Gather round for this momentous occasion! Party we must, and party we shall! You bring the drinks, she'll bring the chips, and I'll bring the penguins! Because penguins are awesomeness incarnate, and the rest of the world simply wishes they could be more penguin-esque.

Well, the Ides of March came and went, but not without making a mess of things. Stupid Ides of March. They pretty much murdered my GPA. Among other thing, not liking March so far. But, if you're March, and you're reading this, you've got 11 days to straighten up.

The GOOD thing about those Ides is that I managed to get off campus for a while. That was fun. Was like 5 minutes late to prayer group...and i was supposed to be leading it that night...whoooops. But it's ok, cuz the next night, we all went off campus for twice as long, and we were only half as late to prayer group! Aaaaand while I was off campus, I found something I desperately need: The Veggietales Bible! =P Yeah, my current Bible is slowly losing itself. Right now, it ends at 2 Timothy. Give it a few months, and I may be out of a New Testament. Getting the Veggietales Bible would totally fix that! Plus I'd get to read Veggietales comic strips any time I wanted! Maybe next time, when I have money with me.

Went to the beach today. That was fun. Just being lazy, while frying at the same time! Topped it off with some Baskin Robins. Almost as awesome as penguins!

Got yet another new roommate. Well, and old roommate...who returned. So we're back up to four people. Fun stuff. Well, I think I want to go work on a song. Got so many running through my head. They're coming faster than I can record them. Sooner or later, I'll get em all down. I should totally write one about penguins. Aaah, penguins.

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