Don't Open the Queso!!!

Ok, so that MIGHT seem a little random. But I can't say that I care!

So anyway, life is hectic. I basically found out I have three days to decide how the rest of my life is going to work, since changing my major to electrical engineering on the off-semester kinda threw everything off, and i now have to add a minor, or become a town student, which isn't as worth it as it sounds. So i decided on a mixture of possibly the most unrelated courses imaginable! Go me!

Oh, I have a new favorite song (of those I've written, I mean). It's brand new, and sure to be on my debut CD. Whenever that gets here. I still plan to have something by the time I graduate. That may be the only thing that hasn't changed.

So let's see. Maybe my blog should include what i actually have been doing. A lot of rock climbing. It's so fun! And to think I used to be scared to death of heights! Turns out rock climbing was made for tall people though, sadly. I just have to be that much more ninja-like, I guess. I've also been writing music, of course. And a lot of engineering...almost too much....And I've been reading Lord of the Rings, since I never actually finished it in high school. Only problem is that I've also been reWATCHING the same trilogy. So things get really confusing at times. One moment Frodo is getting attacked by a giant spider, and the next he's getting attacked by a giant squid-thing. Then he's getting attacked by Gollum. Then he's running from a Balrog. It's hard to keep straight lol.

Although other things on my "what I've been doing" list shall remain unnamed, rest assured, it's all been fun! I'm exhausted though. Maybe too much fun really is possible. That or waking up at 5:30 in the morning is inhumane. It's gotta be one of the two.

Well, as I said, I'm exhausted. Time for a good night's sleep. Goodnight, internet!

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