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Ok, so, life just keeps moving faster and faster. I think dad's getting impatient and wants grandkids, so he's tryin to make sure I keep meeting new girls. I think he's hopin for a new daughter-in-law by this time next year! (j/k dad!) But really...where do i start...

I'll just get on with it, I guess. I have a new roommate, and he's already one of my good friends, so that's pretty cool. He's been learning Japanese with me. Yes, you read it right, I am learning Japanese. I still haven't figured out why...all I know is about two weeks ago I suddenly had this uncontrollable desire to learn Japanese, and I've dragged a few people into it with me! Woohoo! I haven't gotten very far I said, it's only been a couple weeks. But, give it time. Maybe it'll soon take me less than three minutes to read a Japanese sentence! =P I currently have a quest, to learn how to say the phrase  "The boy is under the airplane" and "what is this?" in as many languages as I can. So far, I'm up to 7! You might ask why. I prefer not to answer that question.

Right now, we at The Camp are smack in the middle of midterms. I only have one left, and it's in my easiest class...which is taught by a Chinese woman who has trouble pronouncing her words. It's so awesome!! I've only got four midterms this semester, so it's not too bad. I had a Differential Equations test about a week ago that was simply miraculous. I got the highest grade in the class. Just when I thought I was in over my head in my classes and wasn't getting a thing, here comes this Oasis with the title "A." I really had forgotten how nice it felt to get one of those lol. Now if only I could do as well in the other classes....I guess we'll find out soon enough, when the tests get graded....

So I've agreed to play piano for a friend in his voice class. As it was, we needed to have two new songs ready about two weeks from now. I was just informed, however, that his teacher decided to move everything up. Now we need to have these two songs done Monday morning. Yikes!

Oh! I also had my other roommate, a senior church music major, start teaching me cello! I love cello. It's pretty hard though, as it's so vastly different from piano and guitar. There's making noise, and there's making music. I may be at the "noise" stage for a while. Seems like form and technique is EVERYTHING with that instrument! But hopefully by the end of the semester, I can learn the basics, then go from there.

Still don't know what's happening after the semester ends. I've applied for UWF, but I still haven't gotten a reply. It's amazing, while life flies by at remarkable speeds, in most aspects, i still have nothing to do but wait. I was hoping I was done learning patience, but I guess that's not for me to decide lol.

So Bible Conference is next week. Which is good. I love discovering Mullenix's unique doctrines, but there's only so much I can take. Now we get a smorgasbord of other preachers whose level of sanity is not under debate. I have no idea most of who's coming, but apparently Johnny Pope is going to be there.

I keep having epiphanies. The most recent one answered the question I wake up to every morning: "Am I doing the right thing?" See, I would absolutely LOVE to be a professional  musician. But at the same time, to make music my career...I can't be sure is a good idea. For years, I've used music as my personal venue of release, a constancy in the midst of an ever-changing world, a nice warm shelter in the middle of tremendous blizzards. This is why I'm studying engineering. I've come to realize that if the aspect of life i most love is to remain constant, it has to remain that shelter. It can't become the storm itself. But fret not! (see what i did there? fret? like on a guitar? nevermind...) I'm still writing music, and you will still see that CD someday. As long as it is within my power, I plan to have a complete CD officially mastered and released by the time i graduate college!

I'd like to mention my friends again who helped me through the day in ways they may not even be aware. It may seem kinda dumb, but I woke up this morning to the realization that I had a test coming up that very well could have detrimental effects on my college career. I studied. I studied more. I studied even more. But I still couldn't understand the material. Each time I tried to answer questions, I felt like I was losing information. I couldn't get a single one right. I thought for sure I would fail. I'd worked myself into a panic of sorts. Then I talked to a friend briefly, and something they said reminded me that no matter what happens, life keeps going. There's no point in worrying. What will happen will happen, and the biggest way we can affect it is by changing out attitude toward the situation. I was able to calm down and think clearly during the test. I still don't know how it went, but at least I finished it. At any rate, I should have credit for trying! So...if you're reading this, and you are a friend who's made a difference in my life (which I guess would probably be anyone reading this lol), thank you!

Have I left anything out? Of course! If you'd like to know the rest, you could call me up, or wait for me to release a book. But the internet currently doesn't have enough room for everything. In the mean time, I hope to be perfecting my music. It's a slow process, but it's a road that only leads forward!

Sayounara! Otoko no ko wa hikouki no shita ni imasu!

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  1. As far as the CD is concerned, Ps.37:4-Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. You can never go wrong with engineering as your major and music as a minor. Praying for you, John! God bless! Mrs. Arlene