Long road ahead

Well, it looks like I'm one step closer to the one thing I've always dreamed of. Funny...it's not to be famous. I really don't care if I sell millions of copies. All i really want to do is release and sell a CD that sounds good. If one person that I don't know buys it, I've pretty much accomplished my goal. Anyway, after doing a count, I have enough songs for a CD. The only problem standing in my way is actually developing more complete arrangements and recording them lol. I've got a friend who's agreed to help me out and play violin for me. Yay! As for other instruments besides piano and guitar, I don't know where I'll get those yet. Maybe 1-800-SAX-FONE will help...I could always use a mail-order saxophonist! I need instrument players. Unless you're reading this and you play the vuvuzela. If you're a vuvuzelist, please don't call me, because my CD doesn't have room for you. I think I'd rather listen to a walrus and a seal doing a duet of "Toxicity" by System of a Down a half-step off-key from each other than hear one more vuvuzela (on second thought, that might sound better than the original "song"...hmmm...). I have to mute the World Cup...it's so sad. Nothing against South Africa, but I do think whoever decided they'd make an instrument modeled after a bicycle horn and give it to 50,000 people to play at the top of their lungs...was on crack.

Ok, scratch that previous idea...apparently calling 1-800-SAX-FONE (729-3663) gets you in touch with a health food company that sells "cayenne pepper heart food caplets." That is possibly the farthest from a saxophone I can get...

Oh well...back to the drawing board.

In other news, another friend wants to record stuff with me! Awesome! Only problem is we haven't figured out what to record. Any ideas for a good guy-girl duet would be appreciated! Meanwhile, I'll be working on a song to sing as a duet. This should be fun. Maybe even as fun as having someone buy me a steak, who knows! Well, it's almost midnight, and I have to press this orange "Publish Post" button before my computer turns into an eggplant, like my fairy goduncle warned me. Yeah...don't ask...seriously...


  1. yaaaaayy!!!! (cheering you on *without* a vuvuzela) was just thinking tho... if the whole music - cd - engineer thing doesn't work out for ya, there is always writing of some sort! *love* reading your posts, tweets, updates,etc.

  2. You know, John. I wish I could make my own blog posts as creative as yours.. I always enjoy reading them. :)

  3. Just include anything that is not a vuvuzela, and you'll be good!

    and thanks, both of you!