Well, well, well...

So i must say I've fallen in love again. Sadly though, I can't afford her. No, not that, sicko. I found a guitar. But, sadly, I have rather expensive taste in instruments. So, first thing's first: get a summer job. I've got a pretty good lead on one right now, but we'll just see how it goes, and if I actually get it. Hope so. But of course, that money will have to go towards college anyway, so I hope Miss Martin can wait for me. We met yesterday, when I made my way down to Ye Olde Guitar Center with my friend. He went to get some recording equipment. All I got were guitar strings. Which got me thinking:

Guitar strings are like soccer players on a team. Unless you get the more-expensive long-lasting ones, they can't go too long before you gotta change em out for some fresh ones. But when you replace the old strings with the fresh strings, they have to be really nice and stretched out, or they're going to sound awful. But then it usually still takes a good 15 minutes of playing time with the other strings for them to perform well, cuz they have to get in tune with the rest of the guitar. Ok, whether it's world cup fever or what, I for some reason developed that analogy, and if you're still reading this, I assume that means you didn't hate it! :D

Speaking of soccer, I'd like to applaud the USA team for a good effort. They played a great second half against Ghana. They still didn't make the quarter-finals, but I can't be upset with them, because no team I've ever played on could have lasted one game in the world cup. So, good job guys! Maybe you can make it farther in Brazil in 2014.

In one of the upcoming weeks, I hope to attend Open Mic night at Playground Music. It could be my first public performance of any kind outside of church and high school competitions. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! I have a song I'd like to debut. I don't currently have a band, so it will just be myself playing piano and singing. Stay tuned and I'll give you more information about if and/or when i do it!

Well, that's all for now. Talk to you later, internet!

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  1. Go you! Can I come be your really embarrasing groupie???? :) LOL