Back home!

So...One more semester is done with! That leaves only....five more...woo. But at any rate, this was the best semester by far. I started with my music classes, and that was fun. Well, theory wasn't fun...theory was boring as all get out. But Piano, Voice, and Hymnplaying were fun. I also had Circuits, which made me feel like such a nerd. In the labs, I would just build a simple circuit with a light bulb or something, and be sitting there dimming the light going "Woah! this is so cool!!!" and then hoping no one was watching me get so much enjoyment out of such simple stuff. If I were to walk outside and randomly find a couple grand sitting placed on the ground, arranged in a pattern that spelled out "for John," I would seriously consider buying myself a little home circuits lab lol. And then the other class that made me feel like a nerd was Complex Variables, because even though it was hard, I loved it. It showed how all of math fits together in such an intricate way. I never thought I'd be able to see a few numbers show the glory of God, but hey, math just works way too well to be the product of man. And that is as far as my nerditude will reveal itself for today. New topic please.

Did anyone else see the lunar eclipse last night? It was incredible. I love looking at the sky, and that being the first total lunar eclipse on a full moon in 362 years, I thought that was pretty awesome. Makes me want to rerecord Night Sky and do a good job on it this time lol. And speaking of recording, I finally get to record the song I wrote at like the beginning of this semester, now that I'm back home. I tried to do it at school, but not only did I not have a lot of time to work on it, but also, those practice rooms were made for the opposite of recording things in. The most definitely were not meant to record pianos in. Then again, even if they were made for that, a certain nameless person at school had a habit of breaking the pianos anyway, which made it impossible to play on them.

Does anyone want to hear about my roommates? I roomed with a guy I've been friends with for forever, and then a freshman Indonesian and a Japanese PCA student. I kept a quote book for funny things they said because they were either bad at English or just said things funny for no reason. One of my favorites was "So I just realize Janet Jackson is not a man." It wouldn't have been nearly as funny if it had been on-topic.

Enough about my roommates. I made lots of good friends this semester. I met quite a few new people now that I had some music classes, and several more new people now that I'm having electrical classes. And then other people I already knew, but became good friends with just because. It's been a great semester of making friends and growing closer to God, and it's been chalked full of new experiences. I almost felt like a freshman again, but in a good way, without the feeling of  "what the heck is going on?" (well, no more of that than is normal for me to feel anyway lol).

One last topic. I'm done typing. End of topic. Goodbye.

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