Hello Hello! New Video!

I like titles that make me feel good at rhyming. As implied by the title, I have uploaded a video of my newest song, called Redeemed: http://t.co/Rk4cRe0zdG

I enjoyed writing this song. It just has some nice chords.

What have I been doing in the mean time? Well, the last semester of school was absolutely insane! I got NO sleep. (Ok, I did get SOME, but I would often go two or three days between getting any). But I made it, and graduated with my BSEE! Now the hard part is finding a job in this economy. I've been applying to everything that pops up, but the problem is that so has everyone else. God has something out there for me; I just have to wait and see what it is. But that's all I had to say. I will bid you adieu (wow, I spelled that right on the first try).

Thanks for watching that video!

You did watch it, right? RIGHT? You're not dreaming that you watched it? You'd better watch it again just in case.

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